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Sons Of The Forest Make Torch Craft Torch
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In Sons of the Forest, you’ll have to remember the day-night cycle. While it’s always a good idea to explore your surroundings during the day, there are times when you’d have to go out at night. And it’s extremely dark out there, which means you need a light source. Here’s our guide to help you make a torch in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest guide – How to craft a torch

To craft a torch in Sons of the Forest, you’ll need a couple of items:

  • 1x Stick – Sticks are fairly easy to find in the game. They’re scattered all over the ground, but you can also pick them up by chopping down small trees. First, you’ll want to equip your Axe via your inventory. Then, go ahead and wail away on small trees and shrubbery. You should be able to amass quite a number of sticks in this manner.
  • 1x Cloth – Cloth is obviously rarer than plain ol’ sticks. You should have a couple of these in your inventory after checking all the containers in the crash site. Alternatively, there might be some in a nearby base camp at the end of the winding river.
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Once you have both materials, open your inventory. Mouse over each item and right-click. This will place them in the center of the interface. Right-click on the gear icon to complete the crafting or item combination process. And, yep, there you go, that’s how you make a torch in Sons of the Forest.

Equip it via your inventory and bring out your lighter by pressing the “L” key. You should see another button prompt to light it. This should, hopefully, help you see better in the dark.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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