How to move faster in The Invincible

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The Invincible is an interstellar adventure game that pits you against a mysterious enemy as you work to rescue the rest of your crew from an unknown threat. It’s a game full of puzzles and challenges that are sure to keep you on your toes!

The game puts you in the boots of Yasna, an enthusiastic and knowledgeable biologist who wakes up with a bad case of short-term amnesia. As you explore the beautiful terrain of Regis III, Yasna’s memories will slowly return to her and you’ll begin to uncover the events leading up to your awakening. However, one of the problems that plague people in The Invincible is the slow walking speed that you’re stuck at for the entire game. Sure, it has to be hard for Yasna to move around in the unfamiliar and alien environment of Regis III. But it can definitely be frustrating when you forget something and need to return to a location — a setback that will cost you minutes. In this guide, we will cover how to move faster in The Invincible!

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How do you move faster in The Invincible?

The Invincible Yasna sprint fatigue fog
Screenshot via PC Invasion

The standard way to move faster in most video games is to sprint instead of walking while you travel. However, that method unfortunately isn’t the best when you’re playing The Invincible. As you can see in the screenshot above, when you sprint for too long, your breath will begin to fog up the visor. Additionally, Yasna will stop sprinting a couple of seconds after her visor begins to fog up, and you’ll need to wait a couple seconds to start again.

So, you’re probably wondering how you can get around quicker if you aren’t able to sprint indefinitely in The Invincible. Our recommendation is to be very conscious of the paths you’re taking and the terrain you walk over. The more downhill-sloping it is, the easier of a time Yasna will have walking over it. Additionally, you can have her climb or slide down steep cliffs instead of running around them many times throughout the game. These methods vastly decrease your travel time, at least from what I experienced, since you can cut corners and reach your destination faster by being mindful of the slope and ground you’re walking over. Of course, be sure to take advantage of the sprint mechanic as much as you can too, just don’t run so much that your visor starts fogging up. You don’t want to be blinded!

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