What are the best settings to play The Invincible? Answered

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Prepare to set out on a journey of galactic proportions when you play The Invincible, Starward Industries’ new interstellar adventure game. With plenty of beautiful sights and scenes to witness, having the right settings is critical to enjoying the full game.

You play the game as Yasna, a biologist on a research mission gone wrong. Although, you won’t exactly know that at first since you wake up without your recent memories! Put together clues and slowly unlock the lost parts of Yasna’s memory as you work to rescue your scattered crewmates and get everyone off the desolate alien planet of Regis III safely. In this guide, we will cover the best settings for the game so that you can enjoy its beautiful graphics to the fullest, so keep reading to learn more!

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Which settings should you use in The Invincible?

The Invincible best settings
Screenshot via PC Invasion

The graphics menu (where you select your visual settings) is fairly straightforward, as you can see in the screenshot we’ve provided above. The first thing that I need to stress is that the better you can set these graphics, the more you’ll enjoy the game. Period. End of discussion. Since one of the best parts of The Invincible is how utterly mind-blowing it looks, you won’t want to miss out on any of that by sacrificing in the graphics department.

Of course, it isn’t always possible for some systems to run everything at ‘Epic’ quality, like I did with my gaming system. Therefore, I’d recommend downgrading VFX Quality, Environment Details, and your Frame Limit first before touching anything else if you feel you need to make a change. Frame Limit is not that important in a game like The Invincible, since there isn’t really much in terms of combat. Make sure to keep your View Distance, Graphics Quality, Textures, and Shadows Quality as high as you can, though — these are the most important ones.

I set my Motion Blur to virtually nonexistent so that my system could focus on making the quality as good as it could, something I believed most important. I’d recommend that for you, too, unless you believe that Motion Blur is essential to your experience. Hey, that’s totally cool, too! Lastly, your gamma correction should be pretty high if you notice trouble with lighting and your monitor being too dark, since this setting will brighten up the world of Regis III for you. Have fun exploring the planet!

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