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Tower of Fantasy: How to play with friends

Better together.

MMORPGs like Tower of Fantasy are best experienced with friends. It has all sorts of great group PvE and exploration content, perfect for cooperative gameplay. But before you can participate in any of that, you’ll first need to know how. Here’s our handy guide on how to play with friends in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to play with friends in Tower of Fantasy

For most of the co-op content in Tower of Fantasy, you will need to be in a team. Setting up a team is easy enough as long as you have added your friend. Adding a friend is a simple task. While in the open world, press ESC to access the main menu and then select ‘Friends.’ Finally, select ‘Search & Add’ and enter your friend’s Wanderer Name. Once they accept your request they will appear on your Friends List.

The next step is to team up. To create a team hold left ALT while in the open world. This enables cursor mode allowing your to freely select menus. With left ALT held, click the flag symbol on the right side of the UI. After this, you can select ‘Create Team’ and then invite your friend through the menu that follows.

Tower Of Fantasy Team Interface How To Make Team Join Friends Channel

To play with friends in Tower of Fantasy you will want to be on the same channel. The easiest way to change channel is to be in the same team and then click the transmit button. This can be found in the team interface signified by the symbol of two people standing next to one another.

Alternatively, the team leader can use the same button to summon team members to their channel and location. This is a quick and easy way to group up if you are playing with multiple friends. We have a detailed guide on how to change channel that you can check out for more information.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC via the game’s official launcher.

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