Unknown Worlds’ next game is ‘Project M,’ set for Early Access release in 2022

Subnautica project m sci-fi strategy game unknown worlds reveal early access

Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds is working on its next game, which was teased in its parent company’s recent financial report. As spotted by PC Gamer, ‘Project M,’ as it’s currently codenamed, is a sci-fi-themed turn-based strategy game, and is scheduled for Early Access… this year.

For fans of Subnautica, the move to a new genre may come as a surprise. However, Unknown Worlds already had the idea long before revealing Project M as its next game. Following the release of Subnautica: Below Zero, Unknown spoke of what was on the horizon. In an interview with our sister-site, The Escapist, David Kalina, Subnautica project lead, offered some details. He said that the team wanted its next venture to be “totally different” from Subnautica. As far as the genre hop is concerned, Unknown didn’t want to become a “one-trick pony.”


Project M is definitely a departure in that regard. In the report, it won’t be a survival game. Instead, it’ll be a “turn-based strategy game set in a Sci-Fi world.” Project M will sport a “‘Easy-to-learn, Hard-to-Master’ formula, aiming to be a game that is fun to watch others play.”

Project M Subnautica Early Access Sci Fi Strategy Reveal

(Image credit: Krafton via PC Gamer).

All new worlds

Unfortunately, that’s just about all we know about Unknown Worlds’ next game. Project M is scheduled for an Early Access launch this year, however, so we’ll for sure hear more about it very soon. It could even happen this month. The only other hints will likely lie in its first piece of concept art, seen above. I like it. The art kind of gives me of a Borderlands-meets-Outer Worlds vibe.

The only other news offered by the financial report is about The Callisto Protocol. A horror game by some former Dead Space developers, The Callisto Protocol is set for launch in the second half of 2022.

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