New V Rising patch adds an option for scheduled server wipes

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A new patch for the popular vampire survival game V Rising has just arrived, and it implements a feature that many players will no doubt appreciate. Essentially, this patch gives players the option to host servers that regularly wipe themselves at scheduled intervals. This means that all the progress players made with their characters, castles, and other elements within that server will go away, allowing them to go through the process again from scratch.

Some might not see the appeal in such a feature right away, but it fits perfectly in an online multiplayer game like V Rising. When playing against others competitively, some may reach such a high level that other players may have no hope of competing with them. Such a scenario can easily become discouraging for newcomers, so server wipes can give those players in particular a chance to compete on a level playing field. Additionally, certain players who value the process of reaching the endgame may not want to permanently stay at a high level, so the server wipe feature will appeal to them as well.


What else is in the patch?

Of course, the new V Rising patch has more to offer for players who do not particularly care about the server wipe feature. The patch brings new settings and the usual bug fixes. Some of the glitches the patch addresses include a few crashing issues as well as one where the clouds would lag and become blurrier over time. The patch also implements localization options for Latin American Spanish, Ukrainian, Thai, and Danish.

Notably, the patch does not work with the old version of V Rising, so those who want the server wipe feature will need to keep their game up to date. The developers said that players can visit this link if they face any issues when downloading the new patch.

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