V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide

V Rising: Silverlight Hills boss guide — V Blood bosses and rewards

Run to the hills!
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As you continue to venture forth in the world of V Rising, you’re bound to face several deadly foes. Some of them can be found in one of the game’s regions called Silverlight Hills, though you’re also going to need some items to mitigate the relentless holy damage. Here’s our V Rising Silverlight Hills boss guide to help you with all the locations of major enemies and V Blood sources in this particular zone.

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V Rising Silverlight Hills boss guide and V Blood rewards

Below, you’ll see the map of Silverlight Hills in V Rising, as well as the approximate locations of the bosses in the region. They have been numbered according to their recommended power level/gear score listing in the Blood Altar.

Coincidentally, your targets here stay in place in a specific location, so you won’t need to worry about running into them. However, a couple of these areas do require Holy Resistance Flasks. The recipe can be obtained by beating Willfred the Werewolf Chief in Dunley Farmlands. Lastly, be reminded that some bosses respawn after several hours have passed in-game.

V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide 1a

1. Mairwyn the Elementalist

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 64
  • Location: Emberleaf Grove
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Crystal Lance
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Imperial Thread

Mairwyn the Elementalist will likely be the first Silverlight Hills boss that you face in V Rising due to having slightly lower gear score requirements. But, don’t let that fool you, because she’s extremely dangerous if you’re unprepared.

Mairwyn casts multiple spells, including the Crystal Lance that can slow or freeze you, as well as a cyclone that spews countless fireballs (essentially turning this fight into a “bullet hell” sequence). On top of that, she also summons a clone that does the same spells.

V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide 1b

2. Azariel the Sunbringer

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 68
  • Location: Brighthaven Cathedral
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Power Surge
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Gold Ingot

The biggest problem you’ll have if you want to take out Azariel is the location. He’s in the inner sanctum of Brighthaven Cathedral, and this large town is crawling with human enemies. You can try to fool them using the Human Form spell, but taking any sort of damage or getting detected will break your disguise.

Once you’re in front of the chapel, make sure you eliminate the mobs and drink your Holy Resistance Flask. You’ll then have a duel against Azariel, who has some abilities that will remind you of Raziel the Shepherd in Dunley Farmlands. Destroy the tethers that make him immune, avoid the sparks on the ground, and evade all other projectiles that he uses.

V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide 2

3. Morian the Stormwing Matriarch

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 68
  • Location: Harpy Nest
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Void
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: Flawless Gems

Morian is surrounded by a lot of harpy mobs, and it’s going to be a chore to deal with all of them. Once you’ve reached her location, it’s mostly a matter of telegraphing her abilities (including cloned spells). Once more, you’re in for a “bullet hell” moment given all the orbs and cyclones spawning in the area.

V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide 3

4. Solarus the Immaculate

  • Recommended Level/Gear Score: 80
  • Location: Fortress of Light
  • Vampiric Powers/Abilities: Summon Fallen Angel
  • Crafting Structures and Recipes: N/A

Solarus the Immaculate will be the last Silverlight Hills boss that you tackle in V Rising, and with good reason. This is a very challenging multi-phase fight that will test your mettle. Ideally, you’ll want both a Holy Resistance Flask and Fire Resistance Flask, not just due to the environment, but the elemental damage that you’ll take.

In any case, Solarus has three distinct phases. The first phase is mostly about avoiding the holy sparks that travel in a cascading pattern whenever he strikes you. The second phase at 50% HP is when things get hectic, as he’ll summon a Divine Angel. It essentially doubles his damage output, but don’t let it distract you. You’ll want to focus on Solarus only during this phase.

V Rising Silverlight Hills Boss Guide 4

When Solarus’ health is down to 10%, he’ll activate an invulnerability shield. This is also when he’ll channel four aerial bombardment beams akin to the Hammer of Dawn or Ion Cannon (basically Raziel the Shepherd’s ultimate spell). Since you can’t damage him, you’ll have to take out the Divine Angel, which will then turn into a Fallen Angel.

The Fallen Angel will break Solarus’ shield, allowing you to deal damage once more. It will also aid you in defeating Solarus. Don’t get too overconfident, though, as one mistake might lead to your doom. If you wish to learn more about this boss fight, you can watch the video below from YouTuber Demone Kim.

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