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V Rising is an action role-playing game with survival and crafting mechanics. You take control of a vampire who, after years of slumber, has come to reclaim their rightful place in a world dominated by humans. With numerous mechanics and an engaging loop, it’s sure to keep you playing even though it’s only an Early Access title. Our V Rising guides and features hub tackles several of these mechanics to help you advance further in the game.

Note: We’ll continue to add more articles to our V Rising guides hub, so stay tuned.


V Rising guides and features hub

Early Access impressionsV Rising is still under continued development. There are some issues to iron out, but it’s got loads of activities for you to try. Is it worth your while at this stage?

Server setup guide – You can play a solo game or join the realms hosted by other players. There are also PvP worlds where you can attack the domains of your rivals.

Increasing your gear scoreV Rising eschews the traditional XP leveling system, instead opting for progression by way of the gear pieces that you equip.

Blood Type and Blood Quality – Feeding on your foes will net you additional boons.

Technology blueprints – The techs that you’re able to research will grant you new recipes and blueprints that can be crafted.

Copper and Furnace – You’ll learn the basics of forging metals from mineral nodes.

Leather and Tannery – Create new items made from animal hides.

Castle Roofs, Whetstone, and Grinder – Put a roof over your head so you don’t get burned by the sun while you’re relaxing in your base.

Greater Blood Essence and Unsullied Heart – Farm items from tougher enemies.

Servant Coffin and Thralls – Dominate a human NPC and bend them to your will.

The Devourer – Dismantle the stuff you don’t need to gain raw materials.

How to get a horse – You might as well speed up the exploration of these lands.

Hunter’s Crossbow – Time to get your first ranged weapon.

Sulfur and Explosives – Get the right tools to blow up larger mineral deposits and other obstacles.

V Blood boss guides

Hallowed Mountains

Silverlight Hills

Cursed Forest

V Rising is available via Steam.

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