Warlander beginner class guide

Warlander shipped with three classes open to players: Warrior, Cleric, Mage. Each of them plays fairly differently, so you no doubt may wonder how to best use them in battle. Luckily, our Warlander class guide is here to show you soon-to-be warriors the ropes.

Warlander – Beginner’s class guide


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Warriors are the melee powerhouse class of Warlander, and we have some tips to guide you to battle. Your role is to push to the front and kill people, though you may poses some defensive powers.

Practice and learn about your powers and abilities. Powerbomb is your bread-and-butter power, especially when it comes to killing Clerics and Mages. Make sure it’s bound to your melee weapon set. The other useful power to have in the melee slot is the Shield Spin. It blocks essentially everything from the front arc, lasts quite a while, and may even protect your friends.

  • For the ranged slot, adding some melee powers is great. Once executed, some melee powers will automatically switch you to the melee loadout, saving you a button click.
  • Blocking with the shield is very important: melee attacks, ranged attacks, and even Mage spells can all be blocked.
  • Don’t let yourself get outflanked; you are vulnerable in the back.


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In Warlander, the Cleric class can provide healing, some support spells, and a secondary melee capability to your squad. Taking on a Warrior head-on is not likely to be successful.

Keep in mind that spells in Warlander don’t just fire off at the click of the button: it only enters spell targeting mode. Then you have to click on the target to heal. Healing needs a target, so stick with your squad and look for a wounded Warrior.

The Cleric class in Warlander shares some similarities to the Warrior. For one, your shield is as effective as the Warrior’s. Keep yourself safe with it. You also have access to the same ranged weapons as the Warrior — you just don’t have abilities to boost them.

  • Ideally, you’ll have Heal and Accelerator on your melee loadout since those are your most useful spells. Accelerator is an emplaceable boost which increases movement speed of anyone crossing it.
  • You don’t have as much health as the Warrior, so be mindful of this in melee.


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Our Warlander guide for the mage class summed up: don’t get within melee range. Screenshot by PC Invasion

You’re here to deal damage at range and mess with the battlefield. You’ll die if anyone comes close. Of your starting spells, Magic Arrow is for dealing with enemies while Fireball is slower firing, but can set siege equipment on fire.

  • Flash-Step can be used to get out of dangerous situations, like a Warrior getting near you. Just move in the right direction before using it.
  • Always stay away from the melee and be especially vigilant about flankers. Never go out there alone.
  • Don’t forget your familiar! Other classes have nothing like it, so it’s easy to forget. Switch out the default familiar for the defender immediately — a floating mine is more useful than some piddly shooting.
  • Mages, probably even more than Clerics, benefit from spending silver to buy the powers/spells you want. Fog is very useful as it obscures an area of the battlefield, but only for the enemies.

That sums up our beginner’s class guide for Warlander. Check out our review, and keep an eye on more guides for the game.

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