Where to find Percival in Starfield

Starfield Percival
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Starfield has a lot of side quests for you to do in its massive galaxy of an open-world. From joining different factions to simply talking to people that you hear about on the street, there’s never not a side mission for you to partake in while you’re playing Starfield. One of the questlines you can pick up while you’re out and about is the UC Vanguard questline. This questline has you doing many things, but one of the first missions tasks you with finding a character named Percival. Here’s our guide on where to find Percival in Starfield.

Where to find Percival in Starfield

Finding Percival in Starfield is very involved. The location for Percival is deep in the mines of Mars, in the Abandoned Mines you can find by going behind where your ship lands in the port. But due to the nature of the place where Percival is, you need to complete most of the quest Delivering Devils before you can get access to that part of the mine.

To be able to access that part of the mine and find Percival in Starfield, you need the key to the area. To get the key to the area Percival is in, you’ll need to complete most of the quest as mentioned above. Being more precise, you’ll need to get the key from Lou. Now I’m sure there’s probably a few ways to do this, as the quest lists a few different optional objectives here, but I did the way that involved paying off Percival’s debt with the Trade Authority.

Starfield Percival Trade Authority Door

Here’s the door to the Trade Authority room from the Golden Spear route. Screenshot by PC Invasion

To find the computer that can lower the debt Percival owes and then pay it off in Starfield, I went and pickpocketed the key you need to access the room upstairs in the Trade Authority from Oktai Enbayar, then entered the room that way. If you have Master lockpicking, you can also access the room this way too by lockpicking the door. There’s also another door you can lockpick on the other side, to access this door, head through the back of the Golden Spear and you should come to a door with Advanced lockpicking needed to access it.

Finding Percival

Starfield Percival Mine Door

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After lowering and paying off Percival’s debt in Starfield, it’s time to actually go and find him. Follow the quest until you get the key that you need for the mines, and then head down there by following the marker that leads behind where your ship lands. Once you get to the mines, simply clear out the mine of enemies and proceed to the end of the mine. You should come to a door that requires the key, use it, and proceed inwards until you finally find Percival in Starfield. There were no enemies past the door on my end, so it should be a pretty safe run through for you.

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