How to join UC Vanguard in Starfield

Starfield Approaching Tuala In Uc Vanguard Building In New Atlantis
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In Starfield, you can join numerous factions over the course of your journey. Doing so grants you access to special missions and intriguing rewards, while immersing you in the game’s lore. Difficult choices will be made, and you’ll encounter moral gray areas on the regular. One of first factions you will encounter is UC Vanguard. Here is our guide telling you how to join UC Vanguard in Starfield.

Starfield – how to join UC Vanguard

UC Vanguard is a faction that represents the United Colonies. Members tend to have rigid ideas about what is normal and acceptable. They encourage members to get results without resorting to skullduggery. For some players, this may feel like a dull way to play a game that provides so much freedom. If you decide you want to throw your lot in with the galaxy’s peacekeepers, it’s easy to do. To join UC Vanguard, talk to Commander Tuala at the headquarters in New Atlantis, pass a pilot’s test, swear an oath, and complete the Grunt Work probationary mission.

Starfield Talking To Tuala About Joining Uc Vanguard

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Start by finding Tuala in the UC Vanguard building located within the Mast District in New Atlantis. He mostly stays behind his desk. I first met him there while touring the city with Sarah. When I talked to Tuala, he pitched me on joining UC Vanguard while Sarah watched, bemused. The main argument in favor of joining UC Vanguard is that you can become a UC citizen and eventually purchase your own home. Additionally, they pay you a small allowance in credits. This is all less enticing if you started the game with the Dream Home trait (see our guide explaining how to find and pay off your Dream Home, in that case).

If you show sufficient interest in his speech, Tuala directs you to Register for the Vanguard. There’s a nearby elevator. Ride it to the Vanguard Orientation Hall. On that lower floor, approach the nearby terminal and complete your Vanguard Registration.

Your next required task is to Proceed to the Vanguard Exam. If you wish, you can optionally Explore the Orientation Hall, as well. Just look to the right to spot the doors leading to the hall. Wander along the corridor, interacting with terminals to slowly play out a story of the history of the United Colonies and the Colony War and so forth. It is a time-consuming but informative process. I thought I had done everything, but I must have missed one of the numerous terminals. Once you have truly viewed every last terminal, an update should appear on-screen to notify you.

Starfield Uc Vanguard Proctor At Combat Simulator

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When you are ready, make your way to the nearby elevator. Select the Piloting Simulator as your destination. Then, as directed, proceed to the Vanguard exam. Meet with the Proctor, who explains the rules of the exam. In short: you need to defeat three or more waves of enemies in a combat simulation. You apparently earn a bonus if you defeat more than three waves, but I did not succeed at doing so. Your artificial enemies grow progressively more difficult with each wave. Target enemies quickly and focus on one at a time to quickly reduce the overall threat you face.

Once the Proctor informs you that you have passed the combat simulation test, meet with Tuala again. He reviews your results. Then, if you agree to his stated terms, you can swear an oath to become a probationary agent. Follow Commander Tuala to take your oath outside the building. After you swear your oath, you receive 250 XP and a new probationary mission, Grunt Work. It mostly plays out on a separate planet.

Report back to Commander Tuala after completing Grunt Work. As your reward, you receive the UC Vanguard Space Helmet, UC Vanguard Spacesuit, and UC Vanguard Pilot Pack. It’s a whole uniform. Congratulations!

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