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Wuthering Waves Echo guide: Cost, Sonata Effects, stats, and upgrading explained

Everything you need to know about Echoes in Wuthering Waves.

Echoes are an important part of your characters’ growth in Wuthering Waves, so make sure that you have the best ones for your team. They seem complex at first, but they’re quite simple once you get the hang of things.

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Echoes are the main way to boost your characters’ stats in Wuthering Waves, making them key to tackling harder content. Think of Artifacts in Genshin Impact or Relics in Honkai Star Rail. The Echoes in Wuthering Waves are very similar, but some quirks prevent you from simply equipping the biggest and best Echoes in every slot for every character.

How to Get Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Echoes are obtained by defeating enemies in Wuthering Waves, but the best way to get them is by completing Tacet Fields. These are the equivalent of Domains or Caverns of Corrosion in Genshin Impact or Honkai Star Rail, combat challenges that require Waveplates to claim their rewards.

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Echo drop rates and rarity are affected by your Data Dock level. Echo drop rates start at 10% and can be increased to a maximum of 20% once you reach Data Dock level 10 by collecting more Echoes. You’ll also be able to absorb higher-quality Echoes as your Data Dock level increases. Every unique Echo that you register in your gallery will net you Data Dock EXP, so diversifying your collection is the best way to level up.

Wuthering Waves Echo Cost Explained

Each Echo has an associated Cost and you only have a limited number of points to spend on your Echo loadouts for each character. Common Echoes have a Cost of one, for example, while Elite Echoes have a Cost of 3. Each Resonator starts with a Cost limit of 10, but it can be increased to 12 by upgrading your Data Dock.

Even though there are five Echo slots per character, you’ll have to take the Cost of each Echo into account when designing a loadout. You can’t just slap five Overlord tier Echoes on your favorite Resonator and call it a day.

Wuthering Waves Echo Stats Explained

Just like in other gacha games, Echoes roll with randomized main stats and substats. Each Echo comes with two main stats and up to five substats. These are the possible primary main stats that can be rolled for each Echo rarity.

  • Common: HP%, ATK%, DEF%
  • Elite: HP%, ATK%, DEF%, Energy Regen%, Various Elemental Damage Boosts
  • Overlord: HP%, ATK%, DEF% Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Healing Bonus%
  • Calamity: HP%, ATK%, DEF% Crit Rate%, Crit DMG%, Healing Bonus%

While the primary main stat of an Echo is randomized based on its rarity, each rarity tier has a static secondary main stat that will always appear on Echoes of that class. Common Echoes will always have HP as a secondary main stat, while all other Echo classes will roll flat ATK as their secondary main stat.

All Phantom Shiny Echoes In Wuthering Waves Cost
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Every Echo comes with up to five substats, and all Echo classes pull from the same substat pool. Just like in other games, Echo substats will be increased as you upgrade them. Higher-rarity Echoes will have higher level caps, meaning they have the potential for the highest stat gains.

To add new substats to Echoes, you’ll need to upgrade them with Tuning materials obtained from Tacet Fields. Each Echo can receive a new substat via Tuning every five levels, so lower rarity Echoes with lower level caps will have fewer overall substats compared to max-level Overload Echoes.

Here are all the possible Echo substats in Wuthering Waves.

  • HP
  • ATK
  • DEF
  • HP%
  • ATK%
  • DEF%
  • Crit Rate%
  • Crit DMG%
  • Basic Attack DMG%
  • Heavy Attack DMG %
  • Resonance Skill DMG %
  • Resonance Liberation DMG
Wuthering Waves Echoes
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Wuthering Waves Echo Sonata Effects Explained

Sonata Effects are essentially set bonuses that you get by equipping multiple Echoes of the same type. Each Echo belongs to a certain family like Celestial Light or Molten Rift, and using a bunch of these Echoes will grant you additional rewards. There are two-piece and five-piece set bonuses for Sonata Effects, so you can mix and match multiple sets or go all in with five pieces of a single type.

Sonata Effect2-Piece Bonus5-Piece Bonus
Celestial LightSpectro damage increased by 10%.When using the Intro Skill, Spectro damage increases by 30% for 15 seconds.
Endless ResonanceATK increased by 10%.When on the field, ATK increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds. This effect can stack up to four times. Exiting Attack damage increases by 60%.
Freezing FrostGlacio damage increased by 10%After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Glacio damage is increased by 10%. This effect can be stacked three times, lasting 15 seconds.
Havoc EclipseHavoc damage increased by 10%.After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc damage increases by 7.5%. This effect can stack up to four times, lasting 15 seconds.
Molten RiftFusion damage increased by 10%.After using Resonance Skill, Fusion damage is increased by 30%, lasting 15 seconds.
Moonlit CloudsEnergy Regen increased by 10%.After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator to enter the field increases by 22.5%, lasting 15 seconds.
Rejuvenating GlowHealing Bonus increased by 10%.When performing the Outro Skill, the ATK of the entire team’s Resonators increases by 15%, lasting 30 seconds.
Sierra GaleAero damage increased by 10%.When using the Intro Skill, Aero damage increases by 30% for 15 seconds.
Void ThunderElectro damage increased by 10%.After using Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro damage is increased by 15%. This effect can be stacked twice, each lasting 15 seconds.

All Echoes in Wuthering Waves Listed

EchoCostSonata EffectsDescription
Aero Predator1Sierra Gale, Void ThunderSummon an Aero Predator that throws a dart forward. The dart bounces between enemies up to three times, dealing 18% Aero damage each hit.
Chirpuff1Sierra Gale, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Chirpuff that inflates and shoots forward a gust of wind 3 times. Each gust deals 24% Aero damage and pushes enemies backwards.
Cruisewing1Celestial Light, Moonlit Clouds, Rejuvenating GlowSummon a Cruisewing that restores HP for all current Resonators by 1% of their maximum HP plus an additional 80 HP. This can be done up to 4 times.
Diamondclaw1Lingering Tunes, Moonlit CloudsTransform into Diamondclaw and enter a defense state. Counterattack when this defense state is over, dealing 30% + 60 Physical damage.
Electro Predator1Molten Rift, Void ThunderSummon an Electro Predator to shoot the enemy 5 times. The first 4 shots deal 10.80% Electro damage, and the last deals 28.80% Electro damage.
Excarat1Freezing Frost, Sun-Sinking EclipseTransform into an Excarat and tunnel underground. While tunneling, you can change your direction and are immune to damage.
Fission Junrock1Moonlit Clouds, Rejuvenating Glow, Void ThunderSummon a Fission Junrock to create a Resonance effect that restores 2% HP to friendly characters.
Fusion Dreadmane1Molten Rift, Rejuvenating GlowSummon a Fusion Dreadmane to strike the enemy, dealing 20% + 40 Fusion damage.
Fusion Prism1Freezing Frost, Lingering Tunes, Molten RiftSummon a Fusion Prism to fire a crystal shard, dealing 20% + 40 Fusion damage.
Fusion Warrior1Molten Rift, Sierra Gale, Void ThunderTransform into a Fusion Warrior to launch a block counterattack.

If the counterattack successfully hits, the cooldown of this skill will be reduced by 70%, and 180% Fusion damage will be dealt.
Glacio Predator1Celestial Light, Freezing FrostSummon a Glacio Predator to throw an ice spear, dealing 28.80% Glacio damage on a hit.

The spear will charge, dealing 2.88% Glacio damage up to 10 times, and explode, dealing 14.40% Glacio damage.
Glacio Prism1Freezing Frost, Moonlit Clouds, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Glacio Prism that continuously fires three crystal shards, each dealing 24% Glacio damage.
Gulpuff1Celestial Light, Freezing FrostSummon a Gulpuff that blows bubbles 5 times, dealing 14.40% Glacio damage with each hit.
Havoc Prism1Celestial Light, Sun-Sinking Eclipse, Void ThunderSummon a Havoc Prism to fire 5 crystal shards, each dealing 14.40% Havoc damage.
Havoc Warrior1Celestial Light, Sun-Sinking EclipseTransform into a Havoc Warrior to attack up to 3 times, dealing 107.33% Havoc damage on each successful hit.
Hoartoise1Celestial Light, Freezing FrostTransform into a Hoartoise and slowly restore HP. Use this Echo skill again to exit the transformation state.
Hooscamp1Lingering Tunes, Sierra GaleTransform into a Hooscamp Flinger and pounce on enemies, dealing 30% + 60 Aero damage on a hit.
Sabyr Boar1Freezing Frost, Moonlit Clouds, Sierra GaleSummon a Sabyr Boar to headbutt an enemy into the air, dealing 20% + 40 Physical damage.
Snip Snap1Lingering Tunes, Molten Rift, Rejuvenating GlowSummon a Snip Snap to throw fireballs at the enemy, dealing 20% + 40 Fusion damage on a hit.
Spectro Prism1Celestial Light, Molten Rift, Void ThunderSummon a Spectro Prism to fire a laser that hits the enemy up to 8 times, dealing 9% Spectro damage each hit.
Tick Tack1Lingering Tunes, Rejuvenating Glow, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Tick Tack that charges and bites the enemy. The charge attack deals 43% Havoc damage and the bite deals 54% Havoc damage.

The attack reduces the enemy’s Vibration Strength by up to 5% for 5 seconds.
Traffic Illuminator1Molten Rift, Sierra Gale, Void ThunderSummon a Traffic Illuminator, immobilizing enemies for up to 1 second. The immobilization is lifted when the enemy is hit.
Vanguard Junrock1Lingering Tunes, Rejuvenating Glow, Void ThunderSummon a Vanguard Junrock that charges forward, dealing 20% + 40 Physical damage to enemies in its path.
Whiff Whaff1Moonlit Clouds, Rejuvenating Glow, Sierra GaleSummon a Whiff Whaff that triggers an air explosion, dealing 32.10% Aero damage and producing a Low-Pressure Zone.

The zone pulls enemies towards its center for 2 seconds, dealing 12.48% Aero damage up to 6 times.
Young Viridblaze Saurian1Lingering Tunes, Molten Rift, Void ThunderTransform into a Young Viridblaze Saurian to rest in place and slowly restore HP.
Young Roseshroom1Sierra Gale, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Baby Roseshroom that fires a laser, dealing 24% + 48 Havoc damage.
Zig Zag1Celestial Light, Lingering Tunes, Moonlit CloudsSummon a Zig Zag that denotates Spectro energy, dealing 20% + 40 Spectro damage and creating a Stagnation Zone that lasts 1.8 seconds.
Autopuppet Scout3Celestial Light, Freezing FrostTransform into an Autopuppet Scout, dealing 314% Glacio damage to your surroundings, and generate up to 3 Ice Walls to block off enemies.
Chaserazor3Moonlit Clouds, Sierra GaleTransform into a Chaserazor and perform a spinning attack that deals 110% Aero damage, followed by a slash that deals 165% Aero damage.
Chasm Guardian3Lingering Tunes, Rejuvenating GlowTransform into a Chasm Guardian and perform a leap strike that deals 182% Havoc damage.

The current Resonator loses 10% of their HP after a successful hit. They periodically recover up to 10% of their maximum HP after 5 seconds.
Cyan-Feathered Heron3Celestial Light, Sierra GaleTransform into a Cyan-Feathered Heron and charge at enemies, dealing 148% Aero damage. This Echo Ability interrupts enemy special skills upon dealing damage.
Flautist3Lingering Tunes, Void ThunderTransform into a Flautist to continuously shoot Electro lasers, dealing 33.30% Electro damage for a total of 10 times.

Every time you deal damage, you gain 1 Concerto Energy.
Viridblaze Saurian3Molten Rift, Moonlit CloudsSummon a Viridblaze Saurian to continuously spit fire, dealing 15.70% Fusion damage 10 times.
Havoc Dreadmane3Molten Rift, Sun-Sinking EclipseTransform into Havoc Dreadmane to perform tail strikes up to 2 times.

Each strike deals 87.90% Havoc damage. An additional strike can be performed on a successful hit, dealing 58.60% Havoc damage.
Hoochief3Rejuvenating Glow, Sierra GaleTransform into aHoochief and palm strike the enemies, dealing 149% Aero damage on a hit.
Rocksteady Guardian3Celestial Light, Rejuvenating GlowTransform into a Rocksteady Guardian and enter a defensive stance.

If attacked, you will counterattack and deal Spectro damage based on 5.18% of the current Resonator’s maximum HP. If attacked by an enemy’s special skill, you’ll interrupt the skill and unleash 2 follow-up attacks, with each attack dealing Spectro damage based on 3.45% of the current Resonator’s maximum HP.

These follow-up attacks simultaneously launch 3 ground-breaking waves, each inflicting Spectro damage based on 2.87% of the current Resonator’s maximum HP.
Roseshroom3Freezing Frost, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Roseshroom to fire a laser, dealing 35.67% Havoc damage up to 3 times.
Spearback3Lingering Tunes, Moonlit CloudsSummon a Spearback to perform 5 consecutive attacks. The first 4 attacks deal 18.73% Physical damage, and the last deals 32.10% Physical damage.
Stonewall Bracer3Moonlit Clouds, Rejuvenating GlowTransform into Stonewall Bracer and charge forward, dealing 70.40% Physical damage on a hit and 105.60% Physical damage on a final smash.

Upon transformation, the current Resonator gains a shield of 10% of their max HP.
Tambourinist3Freezing Frost, Sun-Sinking EclipseSummon a Tambourinist that periodically emits Melodies of Annihilation. Friendly characters hit with Melodies of Annihilation deal 9% extra Havoc damage with their attacks, up to 10 times.
Violet-Feathered Heron3Molten Rift, Void ThunderTransform into a Violet-Feathered Heron and enter a defensive stance. You will automatically counterattack at the end of the defensive stance, dealing 180% Electro Damage.

If attacked during the defensive stance, you will counterattack in advance and recover 5 Concerto Energy.
Bell-Borne Geochelone4Moonlit Clouds, Rejuvenating GlowActivate the protection of the Bell-Borne Geochelone, dealing Glacio damage based on 109% of the current Resonator’s Defense to nearby enemies.

Obtain a Bell-Borne Shield that lasts for 15 seconds, provides 50% damage Reduction and 10% damage Boost for the current Resonator, and disappears after 3 hits.
Crownless4Sun-Sinking EclipseTransform into a Crownless and perform up to 4 consecutive attacks. The first 2 attacks deal 67% Havoc damage each, the 3rd attack deals 45% Havoc damage 2 times, and the 4th attack deals 75% Havoc damage 3 times.

After transforming, the current Resonator’s Havoc damage and Resonance Skill damage both increase by 12% for 15 seconds.
Dreamless4Sun-Sinking EclipseTransform into a Dreamless and perform up to 6 consecutive attacks that deal Havoc damage.

The damage of this Echo Ability is increased during the first second after your Resonator uses their Resonance Liberation.
Feilian Beringal4Sierra GaleTransform into a Feilian Beringal to perform a powerful kick. If the kick hits an enemy, you’ll immediately perform a follow-up strike. The kick deals 106% Aero damage, and the follow-up strike deals 246% Aero damage.

After the follow-up strike hits, the current Resonator’s Aero damage increases by 12%, and their Heavy Attack damage increases by 12% for 15 seconds.
Impermanence Heron4Moonlit CloudsTransform into an Impermanence Heron to fly up and land on an enemy, dealing 314% Havoc damage. Once the attack lands on an enemy, the current Resonator regains 10 Resonance Energy.

If the current Resonator uses their Outro Skill within the next 15 seconds, the next Resonator will receive a 12% damage boost for 15 seconds.
Inferno Rider4Molten RiftTransform into an Inferno Rider to launch up to 3 slashes in a row. The slashes deal 165%, 165%, and 214% Fusion damage respectively.

After the final hit, the current Resonator’s Fusion damage and Basic Attack damage both increase by 12% for 15 seconds.
Lampylumen Myriad4Freezing FrostTransform into a Lampylumen Myriad to perform up to 3 attacks in a row. The first two strikes deal 112% and 134% Glacio damage respectively, and the final strike deals 201% Glacio damage. Enemies will be frozen on a successful hit.

Each hit increases the current Resonator’s Glacio damage by 4% and their Resonance Skill damage by 4% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.
Mech Abomination4Lingering TunesSummon a Mech Abomination to attack enemies in front of you, dealing 36.40% Electro damage.

After this strike hits, you can deal additional attacks to charge the Mech Abomination, which will unleash 200% Electro damage once fully charged.

After using this Ability, the current Resonator’s Attack increases by 15 for 25 seconds. Any damage dealt by the Mech Abomination is considered Outro Skill damage.
Mourning Aix4Celestial LightTransform into a Mourning Aix and perform 2 claw attacks in a row. Each attack deals 110% and 166% Spectro damage respectively.

After the transformation, increase the current Resonator’s Spectro damage and Resonance Liberation damage by 12% for 15 seconds.
Tempest Mephis4Void ThunderTransform into a Tempest Mephis to perform tail swing attacks followed by a claw attack. The lightning strike summoned by the tail swing deals 59% Electro damage, while the claw attack deals 158% Electro damage.

After the claw attack hits, the current Resonator’s Electro damage and Heavy Attack damage increases by 12% for 15 seconds.
Thundering Mephis4Void ThunderTransform into a Thundering Mephis, engaging in a rapid assault of up to 6 strikes.

The first 5 strikes deal 50% Electro damage each, while the final strike inflicts 249% Electro damage and creates thunder that causes an additional 41% Electro damage.

After the final hit, the current Resonator’s Electro damage and Resonance Liberation damage increases by 12% for 15 seconds.

As you can probably tell from this extensive guide, the Echo system in Wuthering Waves allows for remarkably deep character customization. That’s not even to mention Phantom Echoes, which are rare alternative color schemes for certain Echoes a la shiny Pokemon. Since there are multiple free characters up for grabs, you shouldn’t have any trouble building your dream Wuthering Waves team.

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