Wuthering Waves Yinlin Resonance Liberation
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Wuthering Waves Yinlin guide: Best team comps and Ascension Materials farm

A new 5-Star Resonator.

Yinlin is the new 5-Star character coming to Wuthering Waves earlier than expected, so here’s a guide on the best team comps and how to farm her Ascension Materials.

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Wuthering Waves: Best Yinlin team comps

Arriving early from June 6 to June 28 in her own banner, Yinlin is a 5-Star Electro Rectifier Resonator. Yinlin is meant to be used as a DPS and can be put into a few great team comps that can both boost Yinlin’s abilities and have her buff her teammates.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

In this team comp, you’ll have Yinlin as the main DPS who can dish out heavy Electro DMG on her own. Yinlin’s Outro skill increases Electro DMG by 20% and Resonance Liberation DMG by 25% for 14 seconds or until the Resonator exits. This allows you to switch to Calcharo to give him a boost in Electro DMG, as well as his Ultimate ability DMG.

Verina provides support through heals as well as a 15% All-Type DMG Deepen for 30 seconds. Start with Verina then charge up enough Concerto Energy, one of a few energy types in WuWa, then switch to Yinlin or Calcharo to have a boost in DMG.

Main DPSSub DPSSupport

Rover and Yinlin can work together nicely. Although Rover doesn’t deal Electro DMG, Yinlin’s Outro skill could give Rover a boost in Resonance Liberation DMG by 25%. I find Rover to gain Resonance Liberation Energy pretty quickly, so an extra DMG boost is always nice.

Baizhi can provide both Rover and Yinlin healing to the next character she switches to, and they also gain a 15% All-Type DMG Deepen for six seconds.

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Image: Kuro Games

Yinlin Ascension Materials farming guide

To prepare for Yinlin’s arrival in Wuthering Waves, you’ll need to start collecting the proper Ascension Materials. Here are all the Ascension Materials to farm for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves:

  • x4 LF Whisperin Core
  • x12 MF Whisperin Core
  • x12 HF Whisperin Core
  • x4 FF Whisperin Core
  • x60 Coriolus
  • x46 Group Abomination Tacet Core
  • 170,000 Shell Credits

You can obtain all types of Whisperin Cores from Forgery Challenges, the Synthesizer, or just by defeating enemies. Coriolus is a mushroom that’s available throughout the open world, and Group Abomination Tacet Cores drop from the Mech Abomination boss at Whining Aix’s Mire.

Hopefully, this guide on the best team comps and how to farm the proper Ascension Materials for Yinlin in Wuthering Waves was helpful enough for you. The only other 5-Star Resonator-focused banner right now is Jiyan, so make sure to get him quick before his banner disappears!

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