Wuthering Waves Energy Types
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Wuthering Waves energy types, explained: Concerto, Resonance Liberation, Special


Wuthering Waves has three unique energy types that come into play when you’re engaging in combat, but what do they all mean? I’ll explain the differences between Concerto, Resonance Liberation, and Special Energy in Wuthering Waves.

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All energy types in Wuthering Waves, explained

Energy in Wuthering Waves is a resource that Resonators require to enact specific combat actions. There are three types of energy you need to learn about, which are Concerto Energy, Resonance Liberation Energy, and Special Energy. Each energy type is unique and they all matter in their own ways when it comes to the Resonator you’re using in combat.

Concerto Energy

Wuthering Waves Energy Types Concerto
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Concerto Energy in Wuthering Waves is the energy that Resonators use to trigger their Outro and Intro skills. When charged up, Intro skills are used by the character you switch to, and Outro skills are used by the character you’re controlling as soon as they switch out.

To enact your characters’ Outro and Intro skills, they must gather enough Concerto Energy. You can gain Concerto Energy simply by attacking enemies in combat. The amount of Concerto Energy you collect depends on your Resonator.

You’ll know when your Resonator gathers enough Concerto Energy when you see the character portraits on the right start to glow. A sound will also ping so you don’t have to constantly look at the portraits to see when you have enough Concerto Energy.

Resonance Liberation Energy

Wuthering Waves Energy Types Resonance Liberation
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This type of energy is used for Resonators to cast their Resonance Liberation, which is essentially their ultimate ability. Just like Concerto Energy, you gather Resonance Liberation Energy by fighting enemies in combat.

Characters also gather RLE at different intervals, and it depends on whether there’s an item in their build that helps gather RLE faster. You’ll know when your Resonance Liberation ability is ready when the circle is full on your hot bar.

Special Energy

Wuthering Waves Energy Types Special
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The final type of energy is Special Energy which is the energy used to activate your Resonators’ Forte Circuit. Forte Circuit is essential to a character’s unique form that they can transform into after gathering enough Special Energy.

You’ll know how much Special Energy your character has by the dotted line that fills with color right above your character’s health bar. Again, you must engage in combat with your various moves to accumulate enough Special Energy.

All characters gather Special Energy at different rates like the other energy types, and you can check out the details in your character menu under the “Forte” menu. Select “Forte Circuit” and see how your characters’ Forte Circuits work.

Other than energy types, another confusing aspect of Wuthering Waves that you may need to learn about is the elemental weaknesses and resistances.

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