Best way to get point blank kills in XDefiant
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XDefiant players are getting salty over this bad netcode or skill issue debate

Is it your problem, or Ubisoft's?

XDefiant hasn’t had the greatest launch, but that was to be expected. One thing that people weren’t banking on, however, was the awful netcode and hit registration. Unless it’s all truly one big skill issue.

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Does XDefiant have a bad netcode or are players simply not good?

Whenever I browse the XDefiant Subreddit, I see at least one post with the comments on fire.

The post will typically be complaining about the hit register and may even provide a clip of the atrocious scene. Typically, you’ll have the original poster shoot an enemy at least four times, which results in the other player spinning around and loosening a shot or two to kill them dead.

And the worst part? The other player will somehow have 100 HP left.

In such posts, you’ll have others in the comments stating how the hit reg and netcode are fine, and that they’re not performing well because of a skill issue. They’ll mention that they’ve never had a problem with latency, and that if they’re not hitting shots, that’s because they’re missing.

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When watching the videos supplied by the complaining Redditors, it’s clear as day that XDefiant is suffering from a serious netcode problem, as hits aren’t always registering, and players are getting killed by phantom bullets. Or even worse, getting killed through walls that can’t be wallbanged.

Although there certainly will be skill issues (I myself am not very good at XDefiant despite being decent at other online shooters) these latency issues need to be addressed as soon as possible. There is nothing on this green Earth more frustrating than injecting someone with a million bullets, only for them to not have a scratch.

These troubles with the netcodes are more troubling when you take into consideration that this issue was brought up in many of the previous betas for the game. And yet they remain unfixed. Thanks, Ubisoft.

So if you’re unironically claiming that all of these players are simply suffering from skill issues, then I beg of thee to enlighten us on how skill can overcome an invincible opponent.

At least having the right attachments will help you get more kills when the netcode is working as intended.

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