Xdefiant Weapon Attachments
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Fastest ways to level up weapons and unlock attachments in XDefiant

These are the best ways to grind weapon XP in XDefiant.

The default weapon loadouts are fine enough in XDefiant, but if you want to dominate your lobbies and cement your place at the top of the leaderboard, you’ll need to level up your guns and equip custom attachments to suit your playstyle.

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How to Unlock Attachments in XDefiant

Just like in Call of Duty or Battlefield, you can unlock custom attachments by leveling up weapons in XDefiant. As you level up a weapon, you’ll unlock muzzle attachments like suppressors and compensators, grips, stocks, and scopes that will boost the gun’s stats.

Xdefiant Weapon Customization
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Unlike Call of Duty, XDefiant’s attachments are not universal. You’ll need to level up each gun individually if you want to customize them with sights and other attachments for a custom loadout. There aren’t too many weapons in XDefiant just yet, though, so you thankfully won’t have to repeat the leveling process too many times.

How to Get Weapon XP in XDefiant

Unfortunately, the weapon leveling process is extremely slow in XDefiant. In the name of player retention, engagement, metrics, and other corporate buzzwords, the developers have made weapon XP gains unbearably minuscule. It’ll take multiple matches to level up a weapon just once, and you’ll need over 40 levels per weapon to unlock every attachment.

If you want to grind a specific weapon, use an XP Booster before starting a match. You start out with five of them, but you can earn more by leveling up the Battle Pass. You can also claim a few additional XP Boosters with Ubisoft Connect reward points from the main menu, too. Make sure that you use a Weapon XP Booster and not a Battle Pass XP Booster if you want to unlock attachments! These are time-limited too, so they’re only active for 20 minutes.

Best Modes to Grind Weapon XP in XDefiant

The best playlists to grind weapon XP in XDefiant are Escort and Occupy. In both of these modes, both teams battle over control of a single target, so there will be plenty of enemies to kill and, in turn, more XP to earn. Unfortunately, XDefiant challenges don’t reward weapon XP, so you can’t rely on them to level up your guns.

You should stick with the default loadouts for quite a while if you want to level up weapons like the M4A1 since they’re already kitted out with attachments, but leveling up non-default weapons like the Vector, TAC-50, or MDR requires a frustrating few hours without any attachments while you work through the first few levels of progression.

The weapon progression system will likely see some tweaks as XDefiant continues to receive more updates because as it stands, the majority of the community seems to be unhappy with how slow everything feels. At least you can work on character unlock challenges in the meantime to break up the monotony.

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