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Seer is the latest Legend to join the Apex Legends character roster in Season 10. He’s an artist, visionary, and creative maestro who brings flair and style to the battleground. He specializes in locating enemies and tracking their movements. And all three of his abilities do this beautifully. By the end of this Apex Legends guide, you’ll be ready to style on your enemies with Seer.

Since learning what Seer’s abilities are and how they work, Apex Legends players have suspected that the new character would be stronger than any of the other tracking agents in the game — most notably Bloodhound. Respawn Entertainment has played down how strong Seer’s abilities are, but let me tell you, this Legend is a showstopper.  


Passive: Heart Seeker

Seer’s Passive ability puts little arrows around your crosshair when you ADS that point towards all enemies within 75 meters. When you look directly at an enemy, your reticle goes orange. You can also hear the enemy’s heart beating. The closer the enemy is, the louder their heart will beat. This ability has no cooldown. You can look down the barrel of your gun constantly and track exactly where enemies are moving. It’s incredibly useful.

To counteract its power, enemies can hear a micro-drone buzzing if they are tracked using Seer’s Passive. So you know where they are, and they know that you know where they are. You can somewhat minimize this tell by being quick with your ADS-ing. Apex Legends has a lot of ambient noise, so rather than staring through your gun’s sight, snap in and out of ADS quickly and briefly to get a read on where enemies are.

Heart Seeker Reticle Indicators

Seeing the indicators takes some getting used to.

Another good trick with Heart Seeker is to use it while sliding. That way you can maintain momentum while rotating and still tell if enemies are nearby. To help with this and the scanning technique I mentioned above, you should always use weapons and sights with fast ADS speeds.

It should go without saying, but don’t stand in the open and ADS. The Passive detects enemies through objects, so do it from behind cover. Tracking enemies with Heart Seeker while you are behind cover is also a good way to catch your enemies trying to reposition or push you.

You can use Seer’s Passive ability without a weapon out. You might want to take advantage of this if you’re rotating with your weapons holstered. Plus, you can see a blue ring while ADSing which indicates the furthest range of the passive.

Tactical: Focus of Attention

Focus of Attention was the main reason players thought Seer would be too powerful, because its scanning capabilities are better than Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather. Plus, when you hit an enemy, they are interrupted, silenced for 1.25 seconds, and you can see them and their health bars for eight seconds. However, it fires in a cone in front of Seer and only detonates after one second.

The Apex Legends developers tried to lower expectations of Seer’s Tactical ability’s power by saying landing Focus of Attention is like hitting a sniper shot, but this guide writer isn’t buying it. The ability is 75 meters long and fires a cylinder wide enough to encapsulate multiple levels of a building.

Play Behind Teammates For Easy Focus Of Attention Hits

The shape of Focus of Attention means that Seer is excellent at fighting in narrow spaces. Corridors, tunnels, buildings, and canyons are all ideal. Just keep that in mind as you roam the map looking for kills.

The cooldown of Seer’s Tactical is only 30 seconds, meaning you can use it multiple times in a prolonged fight. So don’t try to hold onto it for the perfect moment. However, you also need to be careful not to carelessly give away your position by firing it when you have no idea if an enemy is around. If you and your team are trying to take a building, use Heart Seeker to first identify if enemies are inside before using Focus of Attention.

A guide to using Seer’s Tactical ability in Apex Legends

To get the most out of Focus of Attention, you want to hit enemies that are on the back foot, trying to heal or use their abilities. The Tactical is incredible at forcing enemies out of cover. If they choose to get hit by the ability rather than expose themselves, you’ve got an eight-second window where you have the upper hand.

Focus Of Attention Causes Enemy To Panic Behind Cover

She panicked.

I like to play slightly behind my team as we enter a fight. That way the enemies group up nicely, and I can hit multiple with my Tactical. If enemies are trying to get off a quick heal or use an ability just after the fight breaks out, you’ll wreck their plans.

It also causes panic among enemy teams when they are suddenly surrounded by the cylinder of micro-drones. Often, some of the enemies will scatter and some will continue fighting. Chaos amongst enemies is always good for you.

If you’re stuck trading hits between two points of cover, you should rush the enemy off the back of your Focus of Attention. They will be forced to stop their heal and dodge or, if they get hit by the ability, their heal will be interrupted. Either way, they’ll be disadvantaged, and you can press the attack. Just don’t use your Tactical when your team has no way to capitalize on it. That’s a waste of a very good tool.

Enemy Forced From Cover By Focus Of Attention

Focus of Attention is also excellent as a defensive tool. You can use it to stall enemies that are pushing you, particularly through a narrow space. If they continue to push, you will know exactly where they are, allowing you to peek and pre-fire them. If they choose not to continue rushing headlong into danger, you’ve bought your team time to finish healing or to form up and retreat.

Ultimate: Exhibit

Seer’s Ultimate ability creates a massive sphere that tracks enemies moving faster than a crouch or firing their weapons. It lasts 30 seconds and only has a 90-second cooldown. As with Focus of Attention, don’t be afraid to let your micro-drones fly. However, use your Heart Seeker Passive to uncover hiding enemies before using your Ultimate.

The main thing you need to know about using Exhibit is that it can be destroyed. So, the key to using it well is to throw it in locations enemies will struggle to reach. On top of objects, buildings, and terrain works very well. The micro-drones spread out in a massive sphere, so placing your Ultimate above enemies will still track their movements.

Place Exhibit Out Of Reach Of Enemies

Other than making it hard to destroy, the only thing you need to be mindful of with Seer’s Ultimate is where to use it. If you’re inside a building, toss it into a room or around a corner. That way enemies will need to go through you to get to it. Think about where enemies will need to rotate and try to catch them in the act by using your Ultimate while they’re in a bad position mid-rotation.

Exhibit Used In A Good Space

I always knew where he was.

One last point about placement: your Ultimate is massive. If you’re trying to scan a smaller area or building with it, think about the space the micro-drones will cover. If you throw it to the backside of the building, you will also cover the approach from the other side and reveal enemies trying to push the same place as you.

Enemies can still hide inside your Ultimate by not moving or firing. So, make sure you continue using your Passive to check for rats as you run through Exhibit. I’ve been caught a few times by getting overconfident inside Seer’s Ultimate.

That’s how to slay with Seer and guide your team to victory in Apex Legends. We’re busy updating our Apex Legends guides and features hub with Season 10 content. So, make sure to keep an eye on it.

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