Best Anby Team Comps In Zenless Zone Zero (zzz)
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Best Anby team comps in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ)

Make the best girl even better.

Anby right now is my favorite character in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s versatile with damage stats that compliment her prowess. However, I think these are the best team comps for Anby in Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) to amplify her greatness.

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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): Best Anby team comps

Since the electric-based fighter is easier to use, she can work with many team comps, even ones with Ellen Joe. Since I main her, I’ve spent some time figuring out what other characters work best and make her better overall

The following comps are great for any playstyle which is why I recommend trying them out at least once.

Best comps for Anby

Balanced comp

Zzz Balanced Team Comps
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Anby – DPS

Billy – Sub DPS

Corin – Support

The reason why I call this a balanced comp is because of how each character in this comp can work independently. First, you got Anby putting in those high-damage attacks all while quickly increasing the combo meter. Second, Billy can come in and add more time to each combo, plus, I’ve used him to supplement Anby’s damage in case she gets too hurt. 

Finally, out of all the free characters you get in ZZZ, I highly suggest you get and use Corin. While not as impactful on her own, she makes up for it by adding pressure with slow and heavy attacks. Taking out bosses with her is easier once the other two complete their jobs first. 

High damage comp

High Damage Zzz
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Anton – DPS

Anby – Sub DPS

Nicole – Support

If you chose these characters, you’re going to be doing a lot of damage. Anton and Anby are great at single-target attacks, while the former can switch between enemies better. I often use these two to keep the attack up and to not let my target have any breathing room. Because of their speed and damage, that is possible. 

Nicole is the cherry on top. She’s best for AoE attacks and influences the enemy’s movements. By combining Anton and Anbys quick attacks with Nicole’s battlefield-changing moveset, you can clear out any stage at will. 

Maneuverability comp

Manuverability Comp
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Lucy  – DPS

Nekomata – Sub DPS

Anby – Support

For quick attacks, doing AoE, and the ability to move around fast, this comp could be for you. However, note that Anby does take more of a support role here. This is because the other two characters for this comp might outdo her.

Let’s start with Lucy. She can do an amazing job at hurting enemies bunched up together because of her little minion running around. When you do ranged attacks with her, she hits one of those minions toward an enemy resulting in high damage. 

After that, bring out Nekomata. She stands out from the other S-Tier characters in ZZZ because she might be the cringest. However, that gets outweighed by her quick and painful attacks. On top of that, she’s also fast which can make her hard to hit. Because of her speed and damage, Nekomata can be a great alternative for Anby.

Speaking of which, Anby in this comp can help add on to either character for attacks and speed. She’s a good pick if you want to play safe with this comp. But on the other hand, replacing her with Ellen Joe in Zenless Zone Zero might give you a better advantage.

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