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Choosing the right perks in MythForce can be the difference between a successful attempt and a miserable defeat. Whether you favor sorcery, melee weapons, or a good ol’ bow and arrow, a select number of perks always shine above the rest and are worth upgrading. This article covers the best perks in MythForce to improve your damage, utility, and survivability.

Best perks for every character in MythForce

While a few perks favor some characters more than others, the perks listed below are typically the ones to look out for during every episode. Splashing some gold to upgrade these perks at The Conclave is an excellent idea if you’re struggling to complete an episode or are moving on to a higher difficulty.

Conclave Perks Mythforce

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Thrill of the Fight

Almost everything in MythForce costs EP (Energy Points), and it’s easy to quickly find yourself exhausted and unable to attack or dodge. Thrill of the Fight increases your EP by +1% – +5% for every enemy slain, making it the best perk in MythForce, in my experience.

Getting Thrill of the Fight as soon as possible is ideal, allowing you to steadily increase your EP as you traverse an episode’s rooms. Remember to use your rerolls if you aren’t lucky enough to grab this perk at the beginning of a run.

Combat Veteran

Combat Veteran increases your HP for every three enemies you defeat, up to a maximum of +12 HP per elimination. This perk has enormous potential when obtained in the early game, allowing you to beef up your character far beyond their base HP. This perk is perfect for Victoria, letting her tank more damage for the group.

Rallying Speech

If you’re dungeon crawling with a group in MythForce, Rallying Speech is an excellent perk choice. Increasing your entire team’s stats by up to a whopping 20% is a no-brainer. Since this perk starts at 5%, we recommend upgrading it as high as possible.

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Still Standing

Still Standing upgraded to a high tier is practically essential for higher difficulties. At Tier 4, it passively regenerates a whopping 90% max HP. With how uncommon potions are in MythForce, Still Standing has saved my butt numerous times.

Razor’s Edge

In challenging situations, Razor’s Edge can help by boosting your damage when low on health. If you feel confident, you can deliberately keep your health low for a permanent damage boost. Do keep a potion on hand, though, just in case.


Painsmith increases the potency of damage-over-time attacks. This applies to the Ignited, Poison, Electrified, and Bleed effects. If your weapon is enchanted with one of these effects, this perk can cause considerable extra damage. While your weapon can only be enchanted with one elemental effect at a time, Bleed won’t replace current or future effects.

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MythForce is available to purchase on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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