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F1 2020 introduces the all-new MyTeam mode where you play as both the driver and the team owner. After learning about MyTeam mode’s basics, it’s time to manage your team’s finances by way of sponsors and goal rewards. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check out our F1 2020 guides and features hub.

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F1 2020: MyTeam sponsors and goal bonuses

F1 2020′s MyTeam mode has two kinds of sponsors. The first are the main or primary sponsors. These companies will bring you the big bucks via (a) a signing bonus upfront, (b) weekly income, (c) goal bonus rewards (for completing a particular task or achievement throughout Formula One’s season). You can only select one primary sponsor, so here they are:

Sponsor Signing Bonus Goal Bonus Weekly Bonus Season Goal
Jingshen (thanks, Justin Rallis) $4.2 million $2.53 million $241.5 thousand Complete a full season.
Equinox $4.2 million $3.22 million $235.75 thousand Finish 10th or better in the Constructors’ Championship.
Slingshot Fuel $4.3 million $4.37 million $241.5 thousand Earn 15 Constructors’ Championship points in a season.
Tri Star $4.6 million $4.02 million $224.25 thousand As a team, achieve 2 points finishes during a season.
Distort $4.7 million $4.02 million $230 thousand Finish 8th or better in the Constructors’ Championship.
Shark $4.9 million $3.56 million $218.5 thousand Earn 5 Constructors’ Championship points in a season.
Looop $5.1 million $4.25 million $218.5 thousand As a team, achieve 5 points finishes during a season.
Pacifico $5.2 million $4.83 million $218.5 thousand Earn 25 Constructors’ Championship points in a season.

F1 2020 Myteam Sponsors Guide Best Sponsors 2

The primary sponsors are actually arranged based on how much cash they’ll end up paying you all throughout F1 2020‘s MyTeam season. That is, of course, assuming that you also end up completing their respective goal bonuses.

The choice, then, becomes which season goal you can realistically achieve. For instance, if you ramped up the difficulty, you’ll probably find it tough to get Pacifico’s bonus compared to, say, Equinox’s or the First Sponsor’s/Hanzi’s. (I just call it that since I don’t understand the writing, so if anyone can translate it, that’d be great.)

In Equinox’s case, you only need to get 10th place or better. Since F1 2020‘s MyTeam mode only has 11 teams (and you’re in 11th place), all you need to do is beat Williams (most likely).

Note 1: You can change primary sponsors at the end of each season.

Note 2: After starting F1 2020‘s MyTeam mode, you can find this information under Corporate -> Sponsors.

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Secondary sponsors and race rewards

It doesn’t stop there, however, because F1 2020‘s MyTeam mode will also have you looking forward to picking up secondary sponsors. You’ll unlock your secondary sponsors at Acclaim levels 2, 5, 10, and 20.

Note: Keep in mind that increasing your team’s Acclaim also increases the following:

  • The number of available secondary sponsors who’ll want to sign with you.
  • Weekly income and goal bonuses from both primary and secondary sponsors.
  • Your teammate’s chances of re-signing with your team after the end of their contract (since your second driver would have a minimum Acclaim requirement).
  • A driver from a different Formula One team accepting your contract offer.

Note 1: At the start of F1 2020‘s MyTeam season, and with low team Acclaim, you’ll only have a few secondary sponsors to choose from. Later, as you continue to increase the team’s acclaim, you’ll find more options available. The next few images show examples of these.

Note 2: Unlike primary sponsors whose contracts last the entire season, secondary sponsors’ contracts will only last for a few months. You’re free to re-sign with them or find other companies that your higher Acclaim rank has unlocked.

F1myt Spon 1

Choosing achievable goals

Secondary sponsors don’t have wads of cash when signing on, but they still provide you weekly income. Likewise, their goal bonuses are on a per race or race weekend basis, so you can get these rewards after each event. Here are some examples:

  • Achieve a top 10/5/3 finish during a race.
  • Achieve and hold 1st position for 1/2/3/4/5/10 laps.
  • Overtake a number of drivers during a race.
  • Complete a total of 10/20/30/more laps during practice.
  • Answer at least 2/3/4 interview questions during a race weekend.
  • As a team, complete a total of 20/30/40/50/75/100 laps during a race weekend.
  • Score 3/5/10/25 Constructors’ Championship points during a race weekend.
  • Qualify at P4 or higher.
  • Complete a race without colliding with another vehicle.
  • Complete a clean race.

F1myt Spon 2

Again, the idea is to pick goals that you can realistically achieve not just based on F1 2020‘s difficulty settings, but also the length of each race or your interest in a more “sim-like” atmosphere. For instance, if you’re only planning on doing five laps around the track, then you probably won’t be able to “hold 1st position for 10 laps.”

Similarly, if you tend to skip practice, then you won’t be able to complete any goals related to practice runs or objectives related to “completing 75-100 laps as a team” (since practice laps do count).

F1myt Spon 3

Oh, and if you’re someone who plays too aggressively, you’re far less likely to avoid a “clean race” or “no collisions with other vehicles” as opposed to avoiding bumping into other competitors.

F1myt Spon 4


Below, you can see the completion of three race goals from three secondary sponsors:

F1 2020 Myteam Sponsors Guide Best Sponsors 4

As you increase your Acclaim in F1 2020‘s MyTeam mode, you’ll rake in more dough and you’ll bring in the secondary sponsors that can provide you with more cash inflows. Don’t forget that you can customize your vehicle further with sponsor decals. The decals that are available for use are the sponsors (primary and secondary) that you’ve selected.

F1 2020 Myteam Sponsors Guide Best Sponsors 5

F1 2020 is available via Steam. The standard edition releases on July 10. However, the Deluxe Schumacher Edition allows players to start racing on July 7. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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