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Fastest way to farm Energy Activators in The First Descendant

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In The First Descendant, you’ll need Energy Activators if you want to permanently increase your Module Capacity for a Descendant. Let’s go over how best to farm the parts needed.

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How to use Energy Activators in The First Descendant

Energy Activators increase the Module Capacity for a Descendant by 20. Although ranking up your Mastery helps a little, this is the best way to get more Modules in. Although it must be done for each Descendant, and can only be done once per Descendant.

To use an Energy Activator, you’ll need to head into the Descendant Module menu. Select “Module Additional Settings” and select “Max Capacity UP.”

The First Descendant Max Module Up
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In this menu, all you can do is spend an Energy Activator to increase your Module max by 20.

Now that you know how to do it, let’s go over how to farm the parts for the Energy Activator in The First Descendant.

Best way to farm for Energy Activators in The First Descendant

For an Energy Activator in The First Descendant, you’ll need the following:

  • 750,000 Gold
  • 55 Low-Carbon Activator
  • 25 Conductive Metallic Foil
  • 55 Heat Plasma Battery
  • 72 Polyatomic Ion Particle
  • 1 Energy Activator Blueprint

Let’s go over the fastest way to farm these research materials.

Fastest way to get Low-Carbon Activators

Low-Carbon Activators can only be obtained from beating the Zone Recon Mission in Kingston. To bypass the timer, you can hop to another map and back again. You shouldn’t need to replay this mission too many times.

Fastest way to get Conductive Metallic Foil

The First Descendant Encrypted Vault
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Conductive Metallic Foil can only be obtained by hacking Encrypted Vaults in Vesper. There is no easy way to farm these things, and I’d recommend you farming for this material last to get as many Code Analyzers as you can whilst you farm for the others. With around ten Code Analyzers, run around the battlefields to hunt down the vaults.

Note that the Vaults spawn in the same locations and that they may already be claimed by another player. Depending on the vault type, you’ll only get a handful of these things per vault, so you will be looking at hacking 5 to 20 vaults, depending on your luck.

Fastest way to get Heat Plasma Batteries

Heat Plasma Batteries can be found from specific mission monsters from four missions in Haigos. The fastest way to get this is by killing the Elite Tracker that spawns in The Haven mission, as this isn’t the boss monster and can be reached pretty quickly. Simply repeat this process until you get enough.

Fastest way to get Polyatomic Ion Particles

Polyatomic Ion Particles can be found by killing specific monsters from a selection of missions in Fortress. As this can be found rather commonly, I’d play the Fortress mission that is the fastest and easiest for you to complete.

Fastest way to get Energy Activator Blueprint

Finally, we’ll need the Energy Activator Blueprint, which is a little trickier to get. It can be found from a number of Amorphous Material Patterns, but the easiest is by completing the Magister Lab in Kingston to earn Amorphous Material Pattern 003. Then, you can steamroll the Gravewalker to try your luck at getting it.

Naturally, there is a very low chance of getting the Energy Activator Blueprint, so be patient and it’ll eventually come your way.

Now that you know all about how best to get Energy Activators and how to use them, you can finally grind with a purpose in mind. If you want to make the most out of your Modules, make sure to prestige your Descendant too!

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