Genshin Impact Orobashi's Legacy Puzzle Quest Guide Fort Mumei Kitain Cross Spear

The first part: Fort Fujitou

Orobashi’s Legacy Part I takes place in Fort Fujitou, close to where you spoke with Kaji. Simply head northeast to find the water force field in this area and eliminate the samurai mobs.


Below, you’ll see the puzzle solution for this section:

  • Generator (0) – Facing 1 (closest pillar up top).
  • Pillar 1 – Pointed downwards to target 2.
  • Pillar 2 – Facing across to target 3.
  • Pillar 3 – Facing the water barrier.

When you’re done, hit the generator with any attack to see a short cutscene depicting the destruction of the barrier.

Gen Pct Oroblgcy Gd 3a

Jump down and collect the two components that are needed for the ward. In some cases, one of the items might be floating in mid-air, so you’ll want to grab a ledge, grapple, or use characters with certain skills so you can quickly grab it.

Anyway, place these components in the ward and click submit. There will be another cutscene showing how the weather is slowly changing. Kaji will then give you the next part of the sidequest.

Gen Pct Oroblgcy Gd 3b

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