Hogwarts Legacy Mod Change Character Appearance Customization

Before you can jump into the world of Hogwarts Legacy, you have to create your character. As your character stays by your side for the entirety of the game, you’ll want to make sure you get the customization right. If you fancy a change or you’re a little indecisive, you may want to make some tweaks to how your character looks. The launch of a new Hogwarts Legacy mod allows you to do just that by letting you conveniently change your character’s appearance.

As your Hogwarts Legacy character develops, you’ll want to switch up how they look along the way. Normally, you change your appearance by visiting Madam Snelling’s Tress Emporium over in Hogsmeade. However, you’ll have to spend 20 galleons each time you want to make a change, so having a complete makeover can come at a hefty price. Thanks to this mod, you can make these changes for free, along with a bunch of other features that you wouldn’t normally be able to alter.

Hogwarts Legacy ‘change appearance’ mod gives you a fresh look

The mod was created by “nathdev” and it can be used at any time and place while you’re on your Hogwarts Legacy adventures. Once you’ve installed the mod, all you have to do is press your ‘F5 key’ while in the game and you should see a menu pop up on your screen. You’ll be presented with a list of options that you can change including the appearance of your face, your social status, and you can even switch houses.

Being able to easily enter the Hogwarts Legacy character editor with a mod is a game-changer. It’s hardly surprising that the mod is rising in popularity among the player base. While you’re exploring the map and completing quests, check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides and features hub to help you along the way.

Hogwarts Legacy Mod Change Character Appearance Customization

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