Hogwarts Legacy: Character creation guide

Hogwarts Legacy Character Creation Customization Guide
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Hogwarts Legacy lets you play as a witch or wizard to do battle with evil forces. Naturally, you might want to figure out just how to make changes to your character’s appearance. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy character creation guide to help you with various customization options for your hero.

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Hogwarts Legacy character creation guide

Character creation in Hogwarts Legacy occurs as soon as you start the game. There are multiple panels that allow you to change a hero’s appearance:

  • Presets – Choose from several preset options where each character already has a predetermined face, complexion, hairstyle, and more.
  • Face Wear – This panel lets you pick the shape of the face, skin color, and glasses.
  • Hairstyles – Here, you’ve got different hair colors, as well as dozens of hairstyles. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be anything that’s a bit more “punk/rebellious.” I guess we all gotta be good students at school.
  • Complexion – This lets you add freckles, moles, and scars. The complexion of your hero can also be slightly altered.
  • Eyebrows – This part has picks for eye color, eyebrow color, and eye shape.
  • Finalize Your Character – This last panel has several nifty options that you can assign:
    • Name – Of course, you’d name your character.
    • Difficulty – Choose from “Story” to “Hard.”
    • Voice – Voice One is a masculine voice, whereas Voice Two is more feminine. The pitch can also be adjusted.
    • Dormitory – This lets you select whether your character is considered a Wizard or a Witch. This is regardless of your character’s looks or voice.

Once you’re done with Hogwarts Legacy character creation, you’ll begin the introductory chapter. That will take you quite a while, eventually leading to the Sorting Ceremony and choosing your House.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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