How To Avoid The Police In Murky Divers
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How to avoid the police in Murky Divers

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One of the toughest parts of Murky Divers is attempting to avoid police detection, or worse, police detainment. Your game can be completely ruined if you’re caught by the police, so here’s how to avoid them in Murky Divers.

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Murky Divers: How to avoid the police

If you get a total of six stars in this co-op horror game, you’re caught by the police and the game is over. If you’re tired of racking up stars, you can avoid the police in Murky Divers by not leaving evidence after dives, bribing the police, and avoiding Police Submarines.

Carrying Body Evidence
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First off, the easiest way to avoid gaining stars to attract the police is by not leaving any evidence on dives. This means you shouldn’t leave behind dead bodies. If one of your friends dies on a dive, carry their body back to the ship. But if you end up leaving behind a body or two, you’ll gain some stars.

How To Avoid The Police In Murky Divers Bribe
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Another way you can avoid the police in Murky Divers is by purchasing the item to bribe the police. Head to the vending machine in your ship and press whatever buttons you’ve set the keybindings to for the green buttons in the middle.

These two buttons scroll up and down and give you access to more items. Number 48 costs $300 and allows you to bribe the police, which removes one star. It’s pretty expensive, so I’d only recommend you purchase this if you’re close to getting all six stars.

How To Avoid The Police In Murky Divers Submarine
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You may also run into the police through a Police Submarine. One of your ship stations has a radar map that can display ocean objects with letter and number symbols. After synchronizing the letter and number with the same frequency on the station opposite the radar map, you may find out that it’s a Police Submarine.

How To Avoid The Police In Murky Divers Stars
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If they get too close to your ship and you barely have any stars, the police will take some of your money and give you a star. But at one point my friends and I had a few stars already, and running into the Police Submarine ended up with a game over. To avoid this, as soon as you see the Police Submarine put your ship to full speed and get as far away from them as you can.

Other than being caught by police, you also have to learn how to retrieve corpses and survive dives in Murky Divers.

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