Parry, Counterattack, And Dodge In Wuthering Waves
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How to do a backflip in Wuthering Waves

Do a flip!

Performing a proper backflip becomes pretty important when you need to complete the backflip challenges in Jinzhou. Or perhaps you just want to know how to do a backflip for fun in Wuthering Waves, which is what we’ll explain below.

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Wuthering Waves: How to perform a backflip

Backflips not only look cool, but once you learn how to do one, you can easily pass the backflip challenges in Jinzhou. Completing these grants you a few nice rewards, and the only reason I learned how to backflip was from these challenges. You can do a backflip in Wuthering Waves by walking forward, jumping, and before you press the dodge button you stop pushing forward.

How To Do A Backflip In Wuthering Waves
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Upon making it to these backflip challenges, I was confused about how a backflip was supposed to be performed, despite the NPC explaining it to me. The easiest way to explain how doing a backflip works is as so:

  1. Walk forward
  2. Jump
  3. Let go of the button/analog stick for walking forward
  4. Dodge
How To Do A Backflip In Wuthering Waves Challenge
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If you attempt to dodge while still pushing forward, your character will flip forward instead of backward. Once you let go of the button/analog stick you were using to push forward, you can dodge, which will make you backflip.

How to complete the backflip challenges in Wuthering Waves

While the backflip challenges seem easy at first, they get progressively harder as you try different difficulty modes. For these challenges, you must stand on a box and backflip as many times as you can within the time limit and without falling off the box. This meant that the only way to stay on top of the box was to run forward and jump once you were at the edge of the box, since as soon as you backflipped you’d jump pretty far back, nearly off the box.

On medium and hard difficulty challenges, the box becomes smaller, making it harder for you to stay up there. To pass these challenges, try jumping towards the corner of the box instead of off the sides. I felt like I would get more space that way. Also, make sure to jump right as you’re nearly off the ledge so you don’t backflip off the box.

There are plenty of other cool challenges to come across in Wuthering Waves, one of them being Overdash Club challenges.

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