Parry, Counterattack, And Dodge In Wuthering Waves
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How to lock-on, counterattack, parry, and dodge in Wuthering Waves

Faster than a speeding bullet.

You’ll want to master the art of parry, counterattack, dodge, and lock-on in Wuthering Waves if you want to get ahead. Here is a quick guide so that you can start to master the art of swordplay.

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How to lock-on in Wuthering Waves

To lock-on in Wuthering Waves, you need to press the middle mouse button or R3 if you’re on controller.

The most important thing you can do to take down multiple foes or one strong one is lock-on. This will save you from missing your blows and allow you to really focus attacks and combos. This will lock onto the closest enemy. Locking on will help if you are experiencing some stutter in the game.

How to dodge in Wuthering Waves

Dodge Wuthering Waves
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To dodge an attack in Wuthering Waves, you must hit the right mouse button or Shift key, or RB if you’re on controller, as an enemy moves to attack you. Timing your dodge right will slow down time and allow you to avoid the attack. You’ll move out of the way of incoming danger and be poised to deal solid damage.

How to parry and counterattack in Wuthering Waves

To parry and counterattack, wait for an enemy to launch an attack at you and press the left mouse button or X if you’re on controller just as the golden circle closes on the enemy. Getting your timing just right will launch a parry that will knock your enemy back. This will briefly stagger them, giving you space to counterattack.

Parry, Counterattack, And Dodge In Wuthering Waves D
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Combining your dodge moves with some well-timed parries and counterattacks will keep Wuthering Waves enemies on the back foot. It is important not to get too greedy with your attacks, as one wrong step and they will get the upper hand.

How to stagger enemies in Wuthering Waves

As you build up your parrys, you will notice the stagger meter building underneath the enemy’s health bar. Once this has filled, your enemy will be staggered. Now you can unleash a huge attack on them with the F key.

As you progress through the Wuthering Waves, getting your parry, dodge, and counterattack will be crucial to beating the bigger enemies. Practice your timing on the smaller, slower enemies. Mastering these skills is crucial, and they will be different with each pull you get.

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