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Wuthering Waves Overdash Club: All locations and how to collect all Tokens


Like the Sonance Caskets, Overdash Club will have you going off the beaten path in Wuthering Waves. To learn where all the Overdash Club locations in Wuthering Waves are plus how to collect all the Tokens, you can find the answer below. 

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All Overdash Club locations and how to collect all Tokens in Wuthering Waves

This event has tons of moving parts just to get going which can make it rather complicated. On the other hand, you get a sweet grappling hook that you can incorporate while you counterattack. Since you won’t get this challenge out of the gate, let’s go over what you need to do to start the Overdash Club.

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How to start the Overdash Club in Wuthering Waves

Triggering this event will take a little bit to do. The upside is that it’s quite early on in the game. In fact, right when you get to the main city of Jinzhou, you’re halfway there.

First, do all the story missions leading up visiting the Academy. After, you’re going to have to pass the time which you’ll be prompted to do to speed things up. Once that’s done, the event should open up. When you bring up your map, there’s going to be a Question Mark. You can use the image below as a reference. This NPC will be near the Relic Merchant. 

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When you talk to him, you’ll need to do a few tutorial runs first. Your main goal is to not touch the grass and to grapple at certain points. 

After, the rest of the challenges should open up, provided you find them, which goes into our next point.

Locating all the Overdash Club challenges in Wuthering Waves

At the time of writing this guide, I’m still in the early hours and have only found six. For the time being, you can use the image below to locate all the Overdash Club challenges so far.

Wuthering Waves Overdash Locations1
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Earning tokens

This is the easy part. Each challenge you do will have tokens littered on the path. There will be Gold and Silver ones to collect. You can collect the Silver Tokens, but the Gold ones hold a higher value. On top of that, they’re are more Silver than Gold Tokens, so you may have to think about which one to prioritize. 

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have good Stamina. These challenges can take a while to finish. The fewer breaks you take, the easier it is to complete the runs. You may want to spend some time increasing your max Stamina before returning to the Overdash Club challenges.

You can’t do the Overdash Club if you’re getting hit with the UE4 Fatal Error in Wuthering Waves. 

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