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How to earn the title Hardworking Pioneer 2 in Jinzhou in Wuthering Waves

Level up your Pioneer rating to earn free rewards.

Leveling up your Guidebook is one of the best ways to progress in Wuthering Waves, but some players are confused by one of its requirements. You need to earn the Hardworking Pioneer 2 title in Wuthering Waves to level up your Guidebook, but how do you get it?

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Thankfully, the Hardworking Pioneer 2 title is incredibly easy to obtain and you may have already completed the prerequisites for it without even knowing. Even if you haven’t, it’ll only take a little while to complete the necessary steps to earn the title and level up your Guidebook so you can earn Union EXP and other free rewards in Wuthering Waves.

How to Get the Hardworking Pioneer 2 Title in Wuthering Waves

To earn the Hardworking Pioneer 2 title in Wuthering Waves, all you have to do is raise your Pioneer level to two in Jinzhou. To raise your Pioneer level, you need to open chests and complete challenges throughout the regions of Solaris-3 in order to raise your exploration progress.

Wuthering Waves Exploration Progress
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Once you’ve explored a decent chunk of a region, you can visit the Pioneer Association in Jinzhou to claim Pioneer progress rewards and check your progress in each region of the world. It takes 600 exploration points to reach level two and earn the Hardworking Pioneer 2 title, which means you’ll need to explore quite a few regions.

The first milestone (20% exploration progress) of each region gives the most points, so it’s best to quickly dip your toes into each of the game’s regions to level up the fastest. Just open any chests you find, complete any exploration challenges you come across, and clear Tacet Fields and boss battles to claim their first-time rewards and you’ll level up in no time.

In addition to the Hardworking Pioneer 2 title, you’ll earn resources like Astrite and Shell Credits by raising your exploration level. You’ll also get access to new gadgets like the Lootmapper, which reveals the locations of unclaimed chests on your map. If you want to scrounge up every possible source of free Astrite so you can pull the best 5-star Resonators in Wuthering Waves, you’ll want to get the Lootmapper as soon as possible.

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