How To Fix High Ping In Wuthering Waves
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Wuthering Waves players already discovered these unique Resonators break boss battles

Cowardly but effective.

Of course, as with any game, within hours, players will find a way to exploit it. Wuthering Waves is no exception, and players have already found that one type of Resonator completely breaks boss battles.

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Wuthering Waves boss exploit: Ranged Resonators, explained

Resonators with a ranged weapon have the chance to render any boss completely redundant. The larger enemies have a chance to become stuck on various environmental elements, like doorways and large rocks. This allows a ranged Resonator, like Chixia, to pick away at their health from a distance and take absolutely no damage.

Wuthering Waves Boss Exploit
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Many of the bosses, like the Chasm Rider, have no way to counter this. They have no ranged attacks and rely entirely on close-range combat. This means that once they’re stuck and triggered, they can’t do a thing. So, playing with at least one Ranged Resonator is highly advisable; they may just be the only thing you need in your next Wuthering Waves boss battle.

Hotfix inbound

Of course, Wuthering Waves is still in its very early days. So, a few bugs and kinks will always need to be worked out. The team is no doubt overwhelmed with all the work that has to go into launch and the various issues that will arise. It may be quite some time until they manage to get around to patching this bug out.

Many people are having issues with things like stuttering, connection issues, and outrageously fluctuating ping. These kinds of problems will almost always take priority over in-game bugs. The game needs to be actually playable before funny broken boss battles with overpowered Resonators are looked at in Wuthering Waves.

This overpowered Resonator cheesing bosses in the game is an amazing XP farm for now. However, I have no doubt the team will figure something out. Maybe they will allow the bosses to move through doors, over obstacles, and still close the gap.

For now, if you want to go farm XP and resources in Wuthering Waves, find yourself a large boss, equip a ranged Resonator, and run through a small gap. Easy money.

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