Wuthering Waves Tacet Field
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How to unlock and complete Tacet Field challenges in Wuthering Waves

Let them come.

Absorbing the essence from your recently defeated enemies seems like a wonderful thing to do in Wuthering Waves. Let’s do that, multiple times. Here is how to unlock and complete Tacet Field challenges in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to unlock and complete Tacet Field challenges

Tacet Fields will unlock in the game once you reach Union Level 19. As you might expect, this could take a while. By completing Daily Activities and quests and defeating powerful enemies you will get to this Union Level milestone.

This will make these fields triggerable, although you can still locate them by the dark spots and Tacet Marks you can see on the map and while exploring. You will want to visit them as soon as you can given the TD Echoes and ascension materials you get for completing them.

Wuthering Waves Tacet Field Location
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The way you will beat the Tacet Field challenge is by defeating a specific number of Tacet Discord enemies which will come in rounds. There will be a time limit for you to conquer these TD rounds and each Tacet Field will feature several combat modifiers that will impact how you confront each battle. In the case of the Tacet Field I faced in the image below, the Combusting Variation modifier was applied, causing powerful explosions to take place when Intro Skills are triggered.

Wuthering Waves Tacet Field Enemies
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Once you complete all rounds, a Tacetite version will appear. You can interact with it to spend Waveplate and gain powerful materials, especially the Echoes that you can survey before facing each Tacet Field, which will help you out collecting those that will generate Sonata Effects — also known as passive effects — for your Resonators.

Wuthering Waves Tacet Field Rewards
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These Tacet Fields can be replayed as many times as you want as long as you have the necessary Waveplate to spend and get its rewards. Be sure to pick the one that better suits your Resonator’s Echo selection. This is also a great way to continue leveling up your Union Level, so visit these fields from time to time so that you don’t miss out on any content.

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