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How to buy a house in Akila City in Starfield

I bet you'd like to have more homes.

The dream of home ownership is one many people share. In Starfield, you can make it a reality. You’ll find rooms or homes of your own in many of the larger environments you visit among the stars. Here is our guide telling you how to buy a house in Akila City in Starfield.

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Starfield – how to buy a house in Akila City

After New Atlantis, one of the first major hubs you are likely to visit is Akila City. It has a more rural feel to it, though there are still a lot of large buildings. As it turns out, some of those are for sale. To purchase a home in Akila City, you need to find the real estate agent and pay the asking price.

Starfield Ngodup Real Estate Agent In Akila

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If you’re like me, you may require some time wandering to get accustomed to the layout of Akila City. From the landing pad where you first arrive at the Spaceport, head directly forward. Take a left ahead of the Ship Services building. You now stand at one end of a long main street. Side streets and small business line either side of that main road. Continue straight ahead to reach The Rock. This is a multi-story building where the Freestar Collective Rangers have built their headquarters.

Ahead of the double doors that enter The Rock, veer left and ascend a wide staircase. There are smaller buildings to your left. The Rock towers to your right. As you reach the back end of that building, look forward and to your left. You should spot Ngodup Tate. He stands in front of a building holding a clipboard. When you first meet the real estate agent, he is with a potential client. Thereafter, he waits on his own in the same general location.

Starfield Akila Manor Interior After Purchasing

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Ngodup Tate represents two properties. The nicer one is The Core Residence, with an asking price of 78,000 credits. It is the building right next to him (its interior is pictured in the above screenshot). He also sells a smaller building, the Midtown home. It costs 45,000 credits.

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In a lot of cities, you must meet other requirements to become a homeowner. In Akila City, you merely have to supply the Tate with the required credits. Then you can decorate your house as you see fit, and return to it whenever you like.

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