How to find and use Nuka Cola in Fortnite: All locations, explained
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How to find and use Nuka Cola in Fortnite: All locations, explained

Healthier than real Cola.

Nuka Cola is arguably the most iconic drink in gaming and makes its debut in Fortnite for Chapter 5 Season 3. If you want to try it, here’s how to find and use Nuka Cola in Fortnite.

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What is Nuka Cola in Fortnite?

Nuka Cola is a consumable healing item and is absolutely worth the inventory slot. The description states that the item gives a small amount of health and some shields.

How to find and use Nuka Cola in Fortnite: All locations, explained
Screenshot: PC Invasion

These “small” increases are no joke as you recover health and at least 70 shields. I’ve been unable to test precisely how much health you gain, but it seems to be at least 50 points. 

You also drink an entire Nuka Cola in 3 seconds, which is extremely fast. The only downside is your health and shields gradually replenish after the Nuka Cola is finished. Medkits and Shield Potions are still viable, but Nuka Cola is one of the most potent healing items in the game. 

How to find Nuka Cola in Fortnite

Another downside of Nuka Cola is how rare it is. I play Fortnite like a loot goblin and usually have to ransack several POIs before I find one. 

Nuka Cola is Epic (purple) rarity loot, but I’ve found all of mine in regular Treasure Chests. The spawn rate seems exceptionally low in my experience, but it makes sense, considering how powerful they are. You can also find them around Service Stations, which are a great source of vehicle mods.

Should I replace my other healing items with Nuka Cola?

Nuka Cola is a fantastic powerup and is a viable replacement for traditional healing items. The issue is that you’ll need more than one Nuka Cola, which may not happen.

I still think FlowBerry Fizz is a better healing item for squad play, as it benefits the entire team. You can give your squad 100 Shields with a bottle of Fizz and temporary low-gravity.

Most new items in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 are absolute bangers, especially the new Nitro Fists. Give it a try when you can, as it’s a lethal close-range weapon.

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