How to mod vehicles in Fortnite: All vehicle mods, listed
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How to mod vehicles in Fortnite: All vehicle mods, listed

Turn your car into a weapon.

Vehicles are for so much more than simply getting around in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3. If you want your car to rack up a body count, here are all the vehicle mods and how to find and use them in Fortnite.

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What are vehicle mods in Fortnite?

You can spice up your ride in Fortnite with Vehicle Mod Boxes. These crates are scattered across the map and offer various modifications. Simply drive into the box, and the mod will be installed.

How to mod vehicles in Fortnite: All vehicle mods, listed
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The image on the box determines the mod, and you’ll quickly memorize these through time. It’s also worth mentioning that mods take designated spaces on your vehicle. The Machine Gun turret, for example, takes a roof slot. You can only have one mod per slot, so plan accordingly.

Every mod can be used on the SUV and the Sports Car. Sadly, you can’t mod a bike, so your vulnerable if you’re riding one. Modding is arguably the coolest new feature in the season besides the Fallout Power Armor.

All vehicle mods in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

Now you know what vehicle mods are, let me show you what to look out for. Here are all the available mods up for grabs and their slot allocation:

  • Machine Gun Turret (roof slot)
  • Grenade Launcher Turret (roof slot)
  • Cow Catcher (front bumper slot)
  • Spiked Bumper (front bumper slot)
  • Bulletproof Tires (tires slot) 
  • Chonkers Offroad Tires (tires slot)

Most of these are self-explanatory, but there are a couple of unique mods. The Cow Catcher gives your car more armor at the front and improved ramming power. 

While it’s not the most stylish, I dig the Offroad Tires, as driving up hills is a miserable experience.

Where are the Gas Stations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3?

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Service Stations have replaced Gas Stations and play a much more critical role than before. You can still refuel as usual and also replenish your vehicle’s health

The best part is you don’t even need to leave the safety of your vehicle to do it! Park your car on the Service Pad and let the Station do the rest.

New seasons always bring tons of cool new toys to play with, and Chapter 5, Season 3 is no exception. Keep an eye out for the Nitro Fists, as they provide a deadly close-range option in combat.

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