How to find and use the Nitro Fists in Fortnite: All locations, explained
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How to find and use the Nitro Fists in Fortnite: All locations, explained

Punching time!

The Nitro Fists are a spicy new close-range addition to Fortnite. These things literally pack a punch, so let me show you how to find and use the Nitro Fists in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

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Where to find Nitro Fists in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

The Nitro Fists are Epic (purple) rarity loot and can be found in most loot sources. This weapon does seem a little uncommon, but you should find a set if you open every chest you see.

I found my first set at Restored Reels when it was a Hot Zone with a gold name tag, but I’ve seen them in generic chests all over the map. Unfortunately, Power Armor isn’t an item or weapon you can use in-game.

Hot Zones typically have higher-tier loot if you’re hunting for Nitro Fists. The downside is that these POIs are popular drop zones. You can get kicked back into the lobby very quickly if your opponents find guns before you do.

How to use Nitro Fists in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

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If you ever used the Chains of Hades in Chapter 5 Season 2, you’ll feel right at home wearing these gauntlets. Nitro Fists have four charges, which are slowly replenished over time. You can spend those charges to unleash powerful attacks, like a brutal uppercut and aerial punch.

The aerial punch can be used as a panic button as you can dash through the air with it. You can also slam the ground with this aerial punch, so it can have offensive and defensive uses. 

Those charges I mentioned each take 8 seconds to replenish. This recharge time will feel like an age in a battle, but it should mean you turn up for each fight with a full stack of charges

If you don’t have any charges, you’ll perform a 3-punch combo when you attack instead of your powered-up uppercut. In my testing, this combo still does decent damage, although you should approach shotgun users with caution.

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