How to find the Satori in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

How To Find The Satori In Tears Of The Kingdom
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Have you ever noticed those beautiful Cherry Blossom trees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Well, they’re not just for decoration. They’re quite useful if you’re someone who wants to discover more caves. At the first tree I found, there was a Gerudo named Kanora who told me about the Satori. The legend of this creature is interesting enough for any player to want to summon one. But how can you find the Satori in Tears of the Kingdom? We’ll explain how.

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How to summon Satori at Cherry Blossom trees in Tears of the Kingdom

Throughout all of Hyrule, you can find eight Cherry Blossom trees. At the first one you stumble upon, you should meet the NPC Kanora who will tell you about Satori, the Lord of the Mountain. In the legend, Satori loves fruit.

How To Find The Satori In Tears Of The Kingdom Fruit

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So the best route for how to find Satori in Tears of the Kingdom is through giving it fruit. If you walk over to the tree, you should spot a little stone bowl. Have Link hold onto any fruit of your choice, then drop it into the bowl.

Then, the Satori will appear, and give you something very useful. With the summoning of Satori comes the revealing of nearby caves. Around the areas of each Cherry Blossom tree, once the Satori is summoned, they will reveal locations of caves close by. Now in the sky, you should see tall, blue lights coming from cave entrances.

How To Find The Satori In Tears Of The Kingdom Caves

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Sadly, this feature is only temporary, and after some time the lights will disappear. But this should give you enough time to mark them on your map. Also, the mystical Satori doesn’t stick around for long, and will disappear as well. But make sure to interact with any Cherry Blossom tree you find!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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