How To Fix Zenless Zone Zero Crashing And Lagging
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How to fix Zenless Zone Zero crashing and lagging

It's not that bad. Trust me.

The good thing about Zenless Zone Zero is that it might run without a hitch. However, there are still issues with the game. You may be facing crashing and lagging issues in Zenless Zone Zero, and I’m here to fix it. 

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Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ): How to fix the crashing and lagging

Sadly while the game isn’t as resource-demanding, players like myself have run into issues like the black screen appearing causing the environment to not load in. Now, it seems like the performance is also taking a hit. Thankfully, there are ways to keep the game from both crashing and lagging.

Zzz Character About To Switch Out
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Depending on where you’re playing Zenless Zone Zero, it’s always a good idea to tweak the game based on the best graphic settings. That way, you might not even need to troubleshoot.  

Best ways to stop the crashing and lagging in ZZZ

The tips below are methods that have been tried by the community. So, by doing them, you may get the Zenless Zone Zero to work quickly.

Update your driver

Usually, a game can act up if it isn’t running on optimized software. This can come from the GPU not being up to date. Whenever a new game comes out on PC, AMD and Nvidia put new driver updates to help the game run smoothly. Check whichever manufacturer you’re using if they have any new drivers. 

Double-check your internet

Zenless Zone Zero is an online game. Stuttering and lagging can appear during peak hours or if you have a weak connection. To avoid this problem, try resetting your router. If you’re using wireless, opt to play with a wired connection instead. But if those solutions don’t work, you might be playing during peak hours. My advice would be to play later on in the day or even the night when fewer players are on.

Verify the files

Zenless Zone Zero (ZZZ) settings guide: Best graphics and performance on PC, PS5, and mobile
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Sometimes, games like Zenless Zone Zero’s performance is affected due to files being corrupted. To verify the files, head into the Epic store and then your library. Locate Zenless Zone Zero, and navigate to the three dots at the bottom right of the tile.

This will open a drown-down menu. In this menu look for manage. Upon clicking the Manage option, a new window will pop up. The selection you want is Verify Files. Wait for it to complete and the game should run fine. Now once you’re able to get past this issue you should start to get the free characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

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