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How to get and use logs in Aska

Become the ultimate Viking lumberjack.

Logs are important in Aska as they help give strength to many structures like cottages. But, like most things in Aska, the game doesn’t show you how to get it. To learn how to use and get logs in Aska, you should read this guide. 

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Aska: How to get and use logs

Thankfully, like seeds, logs are plentiful in the world of Aska. But since they are a more advanced resource, you need to do a few extra steps before being able to farm for logs. Before we get to how to get logs, we need to know what tools we have to make first.

The main tool you’ll be using at least for the start is the Large Stone Axe. It won’t be in the build menu, since those are dedicated to the basic tools. To get this heavy-duty axe, you must build a Workshop Pit. Doing so we’ll also give you the option to create a farm in Aska as well. Additionally, you’ll need logs to create structures like the farm, so it’s a good idea to know how to do this early on.

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When you’re able to craft and use the Large Stone Axe, you can now get logs. Not every tree will yield this resource. Young Fir will only give out long sticks. For logs, look for trees simply labeled Fir. You can find them next to Young Firs; they usually look bigger. They are a task, so it might be a good idea to have a villager or another player help you bring it down.  

Note that, like long sticks, logs don’t go into your inventory. Until you’ve built a cart, every time you pick one up it goes over your shoulder. This means you can only carry one log at a time. So consider making a cart if you’re going outside your base to farm for logs. This will lower travel time and speed things up. 

How to use logs

As mentioned, logs are used for stronger structures like farms, huts, and more advanced housing. When you start to create more technical structures, logs are going to replace long sticks as the base material.

However, logs might also be great for harvesting sticks, bark, and long sticks. My general rule of thumb for base building in Aska is that it’s always smart to build near a forest or a large amount of trees. Logs and long sticks play a crucial role in the base building. So, if you have logs at the ready all the time, you can build up your mega Viking village in no time. 

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While you gather logs for your village, make sure you know how to make a shelter and heal in Aska.

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