How to get and use Ship Turrets in Starfield

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Space battles can get overly dangerous and hard. Purchasing the best ship parts in the galaxy is only the first step to success: you also need to be strategic. Some would argue that a great offense is a great defense, especially if your defensive strategy is, well, more weapons. Protect your ship from any enemy threats. Here is how to get and use Ship Turrets in Starfield.

Where to get Ship Turrets in Starfield

Starfield Ship Turrets

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To get Ship Turrets in Starfield you will have to interact with the various ship vendors you will find across the different cities in the galaxy. If you are just starting your space adventure, the very first one you will meet is the ship technician in New Atlantis. He will have more common ship parts and modules, but you will find some Ship Turrets that will help you during your space encounters. All you have to do is access the Ship Builder and add a new part to your ship. Select the Weapons tab and locate the weapons with the “Turret” tag on it. Then, install it on the spots that are of a shining color blue.

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Now, take into account that there are Ship Turrets that are rarer and more expensive than what you will find in New Atlantis. For example, if you visit Red Mile and talk to Lon Andersson, you can find Ship Turrets that are significantly more powerful and unique than what you can find in New Atlantis. More often than not, these Ship Turrets will require a bigger rank of the Starship Desing skill. You need to spend 12 points in the tech tree to unlock it. That’s a lot. Keep that in mind before you go ahead and attempt to get the best parts of the game.

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How to use Ship Turrets in Starfield

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Now, while you will normally fire your weapons straight to the enemy’s engines and other modules, Ship Turrets work automatically. Take them as a safety mechanism whether you are being chased by pirates and other enemies in space. Be sure to position the Ship Turrets in a way that will allow them to cover your ship’s rear. Once the enemy comes near your ship, the Ship Turrets will shoot them automatically and deal with them. Don’t disregard your Piloting skill. Ship Turrets may save you sometimes, but they will not single-handedly get rid of all enemies that get in your way.

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