How to survive the Red Mile in Starfield

How To Survive The Red Mile In Starfield
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Are you a daredevil who enjoys risking your life for a winning prize? Then you should try out the Red Mile in Starfield! Found on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima star system, the Red Mile is a tough challenge for brave souls. You have to run from one end of a crater to another, while annoying Maulers try to hunt you down. If you can make it out alive, there’s a prize for your efforts. But how can you survive the Red Mile in Starfield? Continue reading to find out.

Starfield: How to run the Red Mile

First off, you’ll want to talk to Mei Devine inside the Red Mile bar to start the run. You may find yourself here because of some quests; I came across this place while on a Freestar Rangers mission. How you can easily survive the Red Mile in Starfield is by avoiding fights with the Maulers, use Amps, and bring along Med Packs.

How To Survive The Red Mile In Starfield Mauler

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Not only do you have to run to the end of the crater and press a button, but you must make your way back to the bar. Depending on your level and the weapons you have during the Red Mile, you may be able to take on the Maulers.

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Personally, at level 16 I still had weapons that barely scathed these monsters. Because of their numbers, I’d avoid them entirely. The best solution to get around them is by sprinting and boost packing away. I ran out of oxygen fast while doing the Red Mile, so conserve it by boosting often. As you boost, your oxygen consumption will cease, and it gives you time to regenerate some of it.

How To Survive The Red Mile In Starfield Amp

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I also highly recommend using an Amp, as it increases your movement speed. It’s a pretty common Aid item, so you probably have a few on you already. And don’t forget to bring along health items like Med Packs. The distance from the end of the crater and back isn’t too long, but it’s a difficult journey due to the random gas hazards and aggressive Maulers.

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