How to get the Star Eagle in Starfield

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After acquiring the Star Eagle in Starfield, space combat has turned the tide in my favor. While a good a middle ground, with room to grow, the Star Eagle is a ship any explorer should have in their hanger. Getting the Star Eagle is easy to do, however, earning it is an entirely different story. The process of earning loyalty from a certain faction can make or break your progress on getting the ship. To get the Star Eagle in Starfield, this guide will show how to do that exactly. Once you have this highly aggressive ship, space combat will seem more fun rather than a pain. If you’re planning on getting the ship early on, Starfield as a whole could change. 

Starfield: How to get the Star Eagle

Earning the Star Eagle is done by completing the Freestar Collective Faction mission. This isn’t some simple kind of side mission, it will take you a lot of time. So be prepared for a long play session. Next, ensure you’re up to the point in the main story where you meet Sam Coe who accompanies you to Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne System. This mission may not trigger if you’re not at this point in the story. 

Once you’ve fulfilled the story pre-requisite, head to Akila City and start the quest Job Gone Wrong. Here you’ll be dealing with a hostage situation at the Galbank. When you’ve completed this mission, you’ll be led to start the Freestar Collective Faction mission where you become a deputy. Follow this string of long quests, which can be challenging depending on how you’re playing.

I recommend being at least level sixteen or higher with a lot of health packs, it does get harder as you progress. 

Upon completing the faction mission, you’ll earn the deadly Star Eagle. 

Starfield Meeting An Npc In The Freestar Colletive

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What’s so good about the ship?

For starters while a large vessel, it can surely defend itself better than the Mantis, which is what I was using prior. Additionally, it does have EM capabilities which can help with boarding enemy ships. Between the Star Eagle and the Responder which share EM features, the former has more of an impact in disabling ships. As mentioned, this ship can be upgraded, however, out of the box, it does have a heavy punch making upgrades at the start not as important. My favorite part about the Star Eagel is that you can fight aggressively since it can take a beating better than most other ships.

Starfield Star Eagle

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