Starfield Mantis Ship
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How to get the Mantis Ship in Starfield

Becoming the Mantis.

Getting yourself a new spaceship is one of the more exciting things to do in Starfield. You can either build yourself a spaceship, buy one from certain NPCs, or even find some in the wild and steal them. This is the case for one of the cooler ships in the game. The Mantis Ship, also known as the Razorleaf, is a ship you can get at the end of the side quest that pertains to going into the Mantis’ lair. In there you can get a couple things, including the Mantis’s ship and suit. Here’s our guide on how to get the Mantis Ship in Starfield.

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Starfield: Where to find the Mantis Ship

To claim the Mantis side quest and get the Mantis Ship in Starfield, you need to find the note on a dead enemy that has the name ‘Secret Outpost !’ This will then trigger the quest named ‘Mantis’. You might be able to skip this step, as the location for the outpost is static, it’s always on Denebola I-b, but I’m unsure of the validity of that. So it’s probably easier to wait until you find the note and then head to the marked location. I had the note twice when I went to do it, so it probably spawns pretty regularly, as I have only played about 10 hours of the game.

Starfield Mantis Ship Base Location

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Getting the Mantis Ship

Once you’re inside the outpost, fight your way through the enemies inside on your way to getting the Mantis Ship in Starfield. After completing that, you’ll be greeted with some traps to get through. These traps are a bit tricky, but luckily we have a guide on how to get through the Mantis mission traps. Upon making it past the traps, you should be able to carry on into the Mantis base. The robots here were hostile to me and I had to take them out, but I’m unsure if that’s the case for everyone or because I killed the ones before here in this complex.

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Starfield Mantis Ship Panel

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Once you’re inside the Mantis’ lair in Starfield, getting to the Mantis Ship is pretty easy. Head for the far side and activate the panel seen in the image above. After this, leave the complex, and walk over to the ship in the overworld and claim it for yourself by getting into the cockpit and piloting it. Now you have free ship, and you have a story to tell with it!

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