Best early game ships to buy in Starfield

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Ships play a large part in Starfield. You can place them in any role as an extension to your character, and what you’re roleplaying as. Depending on how you’re playing Starfield, your ship should be a part of that build, this way you can truly choose to play out your unique adventure. On top of that, players across the web have been making some interesting designs with the heavily detailed ship-building aspect of Starfield. From IPS such as Star Wars and Star Trek, there’s quite a bit you can do in terms of creating an ideal ship. However, before getting into the more complicated ship-building mechanic, you need to get there first. These early-game ships in Starfield are probably the best you can buy in Starfield. So check out this guide before shopping for your ship. 

Starfield: Best early-game ships to buy

Before starting this guide, the best ships that follow are in any order. So, regardless of which one you pick, you may be able to overcome more. 


Cost: 151,467 Credits

Starfield Marathon

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This nimble vessel is impressive for a few reasons such as cargo space and an above-average Grav Drive. Combat-wise, you’ll be fighting in a closed-quarter style, but that shouldn’t deter you since its agility at that range is great. Dodging incoming fire and countering quickly is the name of the game for Marathon. But note that while you can dodge attacks more often, getting hit will be detrimental, so consider upgrading when you can. To purchase this ship, head to the Cydonia Outpost on Mars.


Cost: 620,280 Credits

Starfield Responder

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The Responder is a specialized ship. While you’ll be getting in space combat a lot, it’s not necessarily built for that. Due to its limited firepower by only having 1 particle weapon, you won’t be destroying ships with the Responder. Since the ship is equipped with non-lethal EM weapons, boarding is what you’ll be doing more of. Taking over a ship is worthwhile because you’ll be getting more rewards and emphasize the pirate lifestyle. The Responder is one of the more common ships in Starfield and can be found in any shipyard in most cities

Mantis (Razor Leaf) 

Cost: Free

Starfield Mantis

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This is quickly becoming my favorite ship. Not only is it free, you just have to do the Mantis side quest line, but it’s also threatening to any enemy. The Mantis is great for fighting at different ranges because of its weapon capabilities. The missiles and particle weapons make it a fun and dynamic ship to use since you can keep safe a distance and still do damage. I haven’t seen this happening during my time with the Mantis, but players have reported that enemies will flee if they a Mantis flying around. This could be from the myth that was created around the Mantis, which is one of the deadliest ships in the story.


Cost: 721,440 Credits

Starfield Thresher

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In the same spirit as the Responder, the Thresher also has non-lethal EM weapons. The difference between both ships is that the Thresher has better firepower capabilities than the Responder. Meaning, that it would be a great alternative for the Responder if you prefer to be diverse with your attacks. This also means you have more options in how go after enemies. You can outright take them down or board them, and get more loot. If this sounds like a ship you need, make your way to Akila City Spaceport in the Cheyenne System.


Cost: 264,430 Credits

Starfield Sheildbreaker

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If you’re choosing to play in a passive manner such as exploration, consider looking into the Shieldbreaker. Even though it costs quite a bit in Credits, its price comes with a lot mainly cargo space. As you travel space, and pick up more resources to either hold on to or sell, cargo space becomes even more important. Additionally, it does have great firepower capabilities, so while rather slow, the Shieldbreaker can defend itself quite well. After you save up enough Credits go to the Spaceport and New Atlantis, it can be bought there. 


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