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How to reach the top of the building without climbing in Wuthering Waves

Get to the top with your new grappling hook.

There are several open world mini challenges that you can complete to earn rewards in Wuthering Waves, and one of the first ones that you encounter in the town of Jinzhou requires you to reach the top of Huaxu Academy without climbing.

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If you’re coming from other open world games like Genshin Impact, then you’re probably used to climbing and gliding to reach new areas. Wuthering Waves has new traversal tools that you’ll need to get used to, though, and this challenge is the perfect time to test them out.

How to Reach the Top of Huaxu Academy Without Climbing

Wuthering Waves Reach Top Of Building Without Climbing
Screenshot: PC Invasion

To get to the top of the building without climbing in Wuthering Waves, you need to use the grappling hook. You reach Huaxu Academy in the main storyline shortly after unlocking the grappling hook, so this is the perfect chance to test your skills and familiarize yourself with this important tool. You’ll likely want to learn how to use the Sensor next.

There are launch pads that will bounce you up on the roof of the building, but they won’t send you high enough in the sky to reach the top of the building. By using the launch pads in combination with the grappling hook — used with the T key on PC by default — you’ll be able to slowly make your way to the very top of the building with ease. Don’t forget to use your glider to maintain control midair as well. Don’t climb any of the walls by accident or you’ll have to start the challenge over.

Once you make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a small bundle of Astrite for your efforts. It’s not much, but these small challenges really do add up over time. If you’re trying to save up for the best Wuthering Waves characters without spending any real money, then these are the best ways to get premium currency for free.

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