Sensor In Wuthering Waves
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How to use the Sensor in Wuthering Waves: All use cases, explained


There are lots of tools and equipment to pay attention to in Wuthering Waves, such as the Sensor. However, figuring out what they all do can be a bit of a drag.

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How to use the Sensor

When you are initially given the Sensor, it will be used to track a soldier’s whereabouts for a Wuthering Waves quest. To use it, bring up your equipment wheel with Tab and select the Sensor. When it is selected in your equipment slot, press T to use it. If you’re playing on a controller, you will have to press the D-Pad left button to use it. You can set it to your slot with the right buffer.

This will ping out a radar in your local vicinity. Initially, this will just show the route you have to take to find the soldier. However, the Sensor actually has a lot of practical use outside of the mission in Wuthering Waves.

If you have the Sensor equipped, you won’t be able to use other equipment. This means that while it is being used in the slot, you can’t also use the grappling hook.

Using The Sensor In Wuthering Waves
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Using the Sensor when you are free roaming in the Wuthering Waves map will ping up all sorts of helpful information. It can be used to locate chests, enemies, resources, and even quest markers. Simply ensure that you have it equipped to your slot, and hit the T button to scan your surrounding area.

It only has a limited range, but it can be used very regularly. I have used it often while running around to find all sorts of new resources and a lot of hidden chests. It can easily identify them even if they’re hidden behind something.

If you happen to scan an enemy in Wuthering Waves with the sensor it will reveal its level. This will let you know if you should approach it for a fight or not. With bigger enemies, the Sensor will even show weaknesses, allowing you to decide who from your team should lead the charge.

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