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All free Wuthering Waves characters and how to get them

Add free characters to your Wuthering Waves team.

There are a lot of characters that you can unlock in Wuthering Waves, especially if you throw money at the gacha system, but there are a surprising number of free characters that you can obtain to flesh out your roster as well.

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While the free characters may not be the most powerful in the game, there are still opportunities to get free 5-star Resonators and other rare items without paying a dime in Wuthering Waves. If you’re a frugal gacha gamer and want to avoid going into debt when playing Wuthering Waves, keep reading to learn about the game’s free unlockable Resonators.

How to Get Every Free Character in Wuthering Waves

There are six characters that everyone can get for free in Wuthering Waves.

CharacterWeaponElementHow to Obtain
RoverSwordSpectroAvailable by default.
ChixiaPistolFusionUnlocked after reaching Jinzhou in the main story.
BaizhiRectifierGlacioUnlocked after the Convene (gacha) tutorial.
SanhuaSwordGlacioUnlocked via the Gift of Thawing Frost login event.
YangyangSwordAeroUnlocked via main story progress.
YuanwuGauntletElectroUnlocked via the Rumbling Hollows event by completing Tower of Adversity: Experiment Zone.

How to Get Free 5-Star Resonators in Wuthering Waves

Those aren’t the only free units that you can get in Wuthering Waves, however. Every player can get two free 5-star Resonators by pulling on the Novice Convene – Utterance of Marvels banner.

This banner is only for new players, offering them 50 pulls at a discounted rate. If you pull on this banner, you’re guaranteed to get a 5-star character within those 50 pulls. Also, you can select another 5-star Resonator from a list after you complete all 50 pulls the banner has to offer.

There are five free 5-star Resonators available via the Novice Convene banner.


The Novice Convene banner is the perfect place to use the free pulls granted to new Wuthering Waves players since it provides the best bang for your buck. If you want to add limited characters like Yinlin to your team, however, you’re going to need to start saving.

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