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How to recruit villagers in Aska

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Recruiting villagers in Aska is how you will be able to build up your village without the need to spend countless hours getting every single stick out there in the wild. Here is how to recruit villagers in Aska.

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Aska: How to recruit villagers

How do you summon stray Vikings? Well, by using a lighthouse of course! Only this time, it is magic-fueled and it is called The Eye of Odin. This device uses Jotun Blood — a material filled with Norse magic — to light up a signal in the sky that will guide Vikings toward your village.

Aska The Eye Of Odin
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That way, each of them will be able to have a task they can perform, saving you lots of time. Building The Eye of Odin will require several materials you can find nearby, but it is a bit more complicated than it sounds. Make sure you’re eating and drinking while you work toward building The Eye of Odin. Here are the materials you need:

  • 2x Long Sticks: Found by chopping down trees.
  • 8x Sticks: Found on the ground or by chopping long sticks.
  • 5x Small Stones: Found on the ground or by mining rock formations and large stones.
  • 2x Large Stones: Found by mining rock formations.

As you might expect, you will need several tools to be able to get each of these materials as well as build The Eye of Odin itself. These include a stone pickaxe which will be necessary to get large stones and small stones, a stone axe to get long sticks, a wooden hoe to level the building site, and a wooden hammer to do the actual building. Check out the table below to learn how to craft each of these tools:

Stone Pickaxe1x Stick.
2x Stone Blade: Crafted by spending two small stones.
1x Rope: Crafted by spending two pieces of fiber.
Stone Axe1x Stone Blade.
1x Stick.
1x Rope.
Wooden Hammer2x Stick.
Wooden Hoe2x Stone Blade.
4X Stick.
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That said, building The Eye of Odin is just the first and arguably longest step in recruiting villagers. You also need to collect Jotun Blood. To do this, you will have to explore and find Jotun Blood Shards which are rocks that have shining blue patterns as seen below.

Aska Jotun Blood Shard
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This is where your stone pickaxe will come in handy as well, but beware that you’ll probably end up breaking a couple since Jotun Blood drops less frequently than stones and the base pickaxe is very brittle.

To recruit a villager, you will need five Jotun Blood pieces. Once you have them in your inventory, travel back to The Eye of Odin and interact with it. Transfer the Jotun Blood pieces to it and click activate to summon and recruit a new villager.

Aska Jotun Blood
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You will be met with a villager selection screen. Here you will get the chance to pick what type of villager you will want to include in your tribe. Do you want a builder, a warrior, an explorer? Well, here is where you will need to be strategic and choose what villager you will summon that will suit your tribe’s needs. The hunter and fisher are great early villagers.

Aska Villager Choice
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Once you have picked your villager, then all you need to do is wait 10 in-game minutes for your new Viking to drop by. The timer will stop during pause menus and when you quit the game too, so you are better off doing other activities while they arrive. Be sure to build a shelter for each new villager you recruit so that they can sleep and don’t get mad due to the lack of accommodations.

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