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How to unlock the Sundial in Wuthering Waves: All answers, explained

Here comes the Sundial.

Don’t worry, the Sundial will not break if you treat it kindly. Here is how to unlock the Sundial and answer all its puzzle questions in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to unlock the Sundial

The Sundial is the final relic we uncover in our travels across Wuthering Waves and while you have it in your inventory, you cannot unlock it right away. This takes place during the Clashing Blades main quest which makes up Act 4 of the first Chapter in the game. You can trigger this quest once you get to Union Level 14 — although it unlocks after Ominous Star — and interact with Yangyang and Chixia outside of Huaxu Academy.

Wuthering Waves Clashing Blades Location
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Once you speak to them, you will trigger the puzzle for the Sundial which has you select the correct answer to two statements so that you can rotate the Sundial accordingly. Here are both of these answers:

Symbols on the larger disk represent time, and we need to align the correct symbol with this pointer. It should be…The Shichen of Wei.
We have Teal Loong of the East, White Tiger of the West, Vermilion Bird of the South, and Black Tortoise of the North. According to the clues we’ve gathered, it should be…Vermilion Bird of the South.
Wuthering Waves Sundial Question 1
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Wuthering Waves Sundial Question 2
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Entering the Grand Library dungeon

The Sundial will unlock and uncover a Route Map inside it. It depicts the Jinzhou’s Grand Library. Finish speaking with Yangyang and Chixia and then head to the Grand Library and enter it.

Wuthering Waves Sundial Map
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Here, you will find that there are many vases distributed across the area. Based on the map we just saw, interact with the top left vase so that you can open up the way to the Grand Library Dungeon, which will have a whole bunch of puzzles waiting for you to solve.

Wuthering Waves City Hall Vase
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And that’s pretty much what you need to do to open up the Sundial and the way to the Grand Library Dungeon! You will end up fighting a certain level 40 character with multiple transformations, so you better equip your characters well and level up so that you don’t fall to your doom.

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