When Should You Level Up Characters In Wuthering Waves Answered
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When should you level up characters in Wuthering Waves? Answered

Save those potions.

When getting your first characters in Wuthering Waves, it is tempting to go all out and level them up right away, spending all your resources. However, maybe you should be saving them for something else.

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Which characters should you level up in Wuthering Waves and when

Really, the best thing to do when it comes to spending your valuable Resonance Potions on Resonators is to wait for a good pull. Rather than blowing everything on the first ones you get, it is best to wait until you get a 5-star Resonator and work on them instead. There won’t be many for most people, so there will be time to collect more resources between 5-star pulls.

In the meantime, it is possible to level up your other Resonators or characters by simply playing Wuthering Waves. Fighting enemies and completing tasks will award XP and levels to your equipped party. So, rather than spending Resonance Potions on 4-star and below characters, you should save your precious Resonator XP items for your 5-star Resonators.

When Should You Level Up Characters In Wuthering Waves Answered
Screenshot: PC Invasion

So, before you spend all your resources to level up any old characters in Wuthering Waves, make sure you want to use them in your team. Play with them for a while first and check that their playstyle works for you. Also, try to wait for a 5-star character rather than a low-level one.

How to get more resources in Wuthering Waves

Apart from spending your hard-earned Resonance Potions, there are a few other ways you can level up and earn XP for your characters in Wuthering Waves. Use these before you start spending on less powerful Resonators.

  • Simulation Training – This is an excellent way to quickly level characters and earn some very valuable resources in Wuthering Waves. Simply head to Yhan in the north of the map in Jinzhou and enter into the Simulation Training. Defeating the various waves of enemies will not only grant your Resonator a decent amount of XP, but also around 10 Resonance Potions.
  • Quests – Of course, following through with the various quests in Wuthering Waves will grant you plenty of XP and even a few of the rare resources, too.
  • Milestones – Open up your guidebook and hit some of the milestone achievements to unlock some rewards that will help you earn that next level for your character in WuWa.
  • Codes and rewards – Always check for the various codes and pre-registry rewards for tons of freebies.

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