Marvel’s Midnight Suns: New Game Plus Mode – Explained

Marvel's Midnight Suns New Game Plus Mode Guide
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After you’re done with the final mission in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll unlock New Game Plus Mode. Apart from this, you can still continue with your current campaign, whereupon you’ll face tougher challenges ahead. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns New Game Plus Mode and campaign continuation guide to help you with what you can expect moving forward.

Note: For more information, check out our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns New Game Plus Mode and campaign continuation guide

Here’s the gist when it comes to campaign continuation versus New Game Plus Mode in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

  • If you plan on continuing the campaign, you’ll simply revert back to an instance prior to completing the final mission. You may then try other side objectives, gain some extra character XP or Friendship levels, grab some cosmetics, and more. Challenges are also present to keep you on your toes, such as tougher enemies and the reappearance of Fallen bosses that you’ve already defeated/cleansed beforehand.
  • As for New Game Plus Mode, it’s a bit more complicated. Traditionally, this would mean retaining almost everything you’ve acquired throughout the course of the game, and then steamrolling the opposition as you see fit. However, there are some caveats.
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Here’s how New Game Plus Mode works in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

  • Once again, you can choose and design your character at the beginning of the campaign (i.e., play as a male Hunter if you picked a female Hunter previously).
  • All unlocked heroes are available from the start. That means, apart from story missions where certain characters are required, you’d be able to bring Hulk and Scarlet Witch to annihilate even the lowliest Hydra trooper.
  • The cosmetics that you collected beforehand will still be in the menu. The ones that are free (i.e., Emo Kids shirts and combat suits) can be chosen early on. The rest, such as palettes, need to be repurchased using Gloss.
  • All Champion and Friendship levels are carried over. Champion levels refer to additional rank-ups and stat boosts you’ve earned past level 25. As for Friendship levels, they revert back to level 5 (or whatever rank a teammate was when you completed the campaign). The Prestige levels you got beforehand are disregarded, so you’ll have to play nice to rank-up your buddy relationships once more.
  • All regions, mission types, and villains are available, which means you might see recurring foes showing up in side missions a lot sooner.
  • Hero requirements are removed from research projects that you already completed (i.e., complete X number of missions, upgrade X number of cards, and so on), though you still need to reacquire the techs.
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Sadly, there are several problems with New Game Plus Mode in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Firstly, it’s that your characters are back down to their default levels (i.e., the Hunter is level 1 and Hulk might be level 3). That means your stats are significantly lower than before, only boosted due to the aforementioned stats from Champion rank-ups.

Likewise, you lose all of your upgraded cards. I’m not kidding. Remember those upgraded and modded Legendary Cards that took you a while to collect and reroll? They’re gone completely. As such, you’ll need to put in more effort to get to a point where you feel that your characters are powerful. And, yes, truth be told, it’s very disappointing to see your squad doing 10 to 20 points of damage.

So, is the mode worth trying at all? That’s entirely up to you. I personally won’t bother with it since I’ve spent so many hours on the campaign already. At the very least, it could offer you an opportunity to switch to the alignment that you didn’t focus on during your previous run. You might even obtain the duplicate Legendary Card for that alignment so you can finally upgrade it much later.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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